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Top 12 Most Regal Airbnb Listings That You Should Definitely Visit

Top 12 Most Regal ANZ Airbnb Listings That You Should Definitely Visit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry landed in Sydney earlier today – to celebrate the royal occasion, Airbnb has rounded up some of the most majestic listings in Australia and New Zealand (where the couple will also be paying a visit). In case you want to treat yourself to a royal vacation of your own, following Harry and Meghan’s trail, here goes –

New South Wales

1. The Shed at Broger’s End

The Shed at Broger’s End

This vintage style shed is the perfect listing for a noble and private getaway (there’s a red velvet couch – how much more royal can it get!).

From $360AUD per night.

2. Jerrymara- A Country Estate by the Sea

2. Jerrymara- A Country Estate by the Sea

This fine estate sits on a stunning property of lush greenery, fit for daytime walks with the pooches – which the royals are well known for.

From $1650AUD per night.

3. 1880’s Church on the Colo river

80’s Church on the Colo river

This rustic yet elegant cottage looks out at the lovely surrounding nature, while offering a private and distinguished atmosphere fit for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

From $310AUD per night.

4. The Cottage Kangaroo Valley

 Cottage Kangaroo Valley

Spoil yourself like Ms Markle would in this beautifully bright cottage in peaceful and majestic Kangaroo Valley.

From $297AUD per night.

5. The Kangaloon Barn

The Kangaloon Barn

This luxurious and chic barn (did you see the bright red front door!) is an interior designer’s dream.

From $285AUD per night.

6. Atalia House


Bright and colourful, this gorgeous guesthouse is the perfect summer getaway. It even has a great hosting area out back for those nights you might want to serve up roast chicken and veggies.

From $1100AUD per night.


7. The Diggers Store- self contained 1850s stable

The Diggers Store- self contained 1850s stable

This restored Diggers Story is a historically regal stable house fit for an exclusive royal getaway.

From $190AUD per night.


8. #thebarnTAS


This extraordinary barn in the capital of Tasmania is the ideal B&B for a weekend getaway. Warning: it might be hard to get out of that cosy bed!

From $200AUD per night.

9. Historical Church at Kempton

Historical Church at Kempton

This castle with stunningly high ceilings and open spaces is meant for a royal staycation. The old-fashioned furniture provides an atmosphere of warmth and nobility.

From $185AUD per night.

New Zealand

10. Boutique Strawberry Cottage

Boutique Strawberry Cottage

Situated in Wanaka, this beautiful countryside home is the perfect sanctuary for the duo, on a visit to New Zealand.

From $227AUD per night.

11. Breathtaking Queenstown Views


It’s close to impossible to be disappointed by any view of spectacular Queenstown – but this stunning property is something else! Stay warm by the fireplace while you take in the views of one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places.

From $595AUD per night.

12. Driftwood


Close to the lake and the snow, this stunning property is nestled amidst the greenery, and serves as the perfect hideaway from the busy life of a royal.

From $219AUD per night.

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