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Which Luxury Car Suits You?

Which Luxury Car Suits You?

So, which interpretation of luxury resonates with you?

Bugatti Chiron – Hyper Extravagance



The Bugatti Chiron has an 8.0-litre 16-cylinder quad-turbo engine that produces a whopping 1103kW and 1600Nm.

Not only is it flamboyant from the outside, crafted with expensive materials including carbon-fibre and titanium; inside it’s lavish and ornate with lashings of leather and each of the four tweeters has a one-carat diamond membrane to help improve the clarity of high-frequency sound.

Bugatti_Chiron_2_Carousel (1)

Available in left-hand-drive only, we won’t see any on the road here in Australia. But that doesn’t mean one couldn’t own a Chiron and garage it at their European manor, and simply jump on a private jet to head overseas and drive it. This hypercar is outlandishly luxurious and perfect for the hyper-extravagant buyer who wants to be seen and heard.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 – Authoritative Affluence


Mercedes-Maybach S 600 and S-Class Model Range pressdrive Santa Barbara 2015 , S600 Peridot Brown metallic, Exclusive Nappa Leather Nut Brown / Black
Mercedes-Maybach S 600 and S-Class Model Range pressdrive Santa Barbara 2015 , S600 Peridot Brown metallic, Exclusive Nappa Leather Nut Brown / Black

With a 6.0-litre Biturbo V12 engine producing 390kW and 830Nm, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is a mobile office fit for a blue chip CEO. As well as having the trimmings and technology suitable for an office space, the super soft, oversized seats recline and can massage you to sleep.

There’s a fridge as well as heated and cooled cup holders and you can communicate with your driver via a built in microphone and speaker system that allows conversations to be had in whispers rather than yelling over the seats. Boorish, proletarian behaviour is not welcome here, thank you very much.


Space, luxury, work, sleep and all-encompassing quietness – what more could you possibly need or want?

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II – Old-School Opulence


The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II is quiet, plush and crafted with beautiful materials and acute attention to detail.

Building one takes more than 450 hours with around 60 people working on each example. It takes 18 days to finish just the woodwork in a standard car, that doesn’t include bespoke craftsmanship. There is approximately 40 square metres of hide in each car, or the equivalent of more than 15 cows.


The options and materials are only limited by your imagination. Wine cooler under the seat? Custom coloured leather? Wood sourced from a specific tree? No problems. Buyers can even watch the painstaking process from start to finish. It’s custom comfort and old-school grandeur at it’s finest.

Range Rover Autobiography LWB – High Class High Rider


The high seating position and high-class cabin put the Range Rover Autobiography LWB in a class of its own. While some on this list are made for being chauffeured around, this is a plush and luxurious car that also fits the brief for a family hauler.


The interior is beautifully appointed and there’s something about the SUV seating position that enhances the luxury feel. Large armchair seats, leather galore, comfort and convenience; this is for those who enjoy the feeling of riding high and owning the road.

Hyundai Genesis – Indulgence on a Budget



The Hyundai Genesis Ultimate looks and feels more expensive than it actually is. The fit and finish is impressive, the materials sumptuous, the finishes elegant and it’s incredibly comfortable.

The Genesis is just a fraction of the cost of a more ‘traditional’ luxury car, proving you don’t need to shell out big bucks to own a well-appointed vehicle that will make you feel special.


Written by Tegan Lawson

Tegan Lawson is the Lifestyle writer and Motoring Expert for The Carousel. Tegan produces in-depth interviews and reviews and helps readers make the best choice for their next car purchase.

Tegan got her first taste of motorsports journalism working for a regional newspaper. She was still a student at the University of Southern Queensland but was moonlighting patrolling the pits at the Leyburn sprints and heading to the drags, as well as working trackside at the Queensland Raceway V8 supercar rounds in the early 2000s. With petrol firmly in her blood, these early days spawned her love of all things automotive.

Her driving career as a 17 year-old began with the unique experience of a Suzuki Carry Van that was quickly upgraded to a more image-appropriate Holden Barina.

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