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Learn How To Check Your Tyres

Easy Guide To Help You Learn How To Check Your Tyres

Running from 5-11 September, it’s the second year of the road safety campaign and it’s a joint initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Bob Jane T-Marts and Michelin.

Here’s the disturbing part.

Do you know how to check your tyre pressure? Pump up your tyres? Check the tread depth? Change a tyre?

Learn How To Check Your Tyres
Learn How To Check Your Tyres

According to research commissioned by Bob Jane T-Marts, 60 per cent of women never check tyre tread AND women are three times more likely than men to get an expert to conduct tyre pressure checks rather than do it themselves.

Ladies (and gentlemen)…. Air pressure gauges are located at almost every service station. If you own a car, or regularly drive someone else’s car, then you need to know how to do this.

The results also showed that a third of women leave the dirty work to their partner. That’s all well and good – some people love tinkering with cars and everyone loves to feel useful.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you should know how to check your tyre pressure, tread depth, put air in your tyres and change a tyre – in case you are ever in a position that you need to.

Late at night… mobile phone battery dead… doesn’t sound like fun, so don’t be unprepared for the unexpected.

In order to combat this shocking trend, safety expert and founder of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, Russell White, said this year’s Tread Safely Week has an added female focus.

“The statistics are clear. If more females were armed with the know-how, we would have fewer dangerous vehicles on the road,” Mr White said.

“Empowering a nation of ‘femechanics’ – by converting women’s superior safety consciousness into knowledge and skills – will ultimately save lives,” he said.

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Why did he say ‘superior safety consciousness’? Because of the 761 fatalities on Australian roads over the first seven months of this year, females accounted for only a quarter of these.

Also, the aforementioned research found that women are apparently the more safety conscious sex, and though they don’t conduct regular safety checks on their own vehicles, are less likely than men to drive on unsafe tyres.

Bald or incorrectly inflated tyres can cause accidents and amazingly almost 60 per cent of Australian motorists don’t know the minimum legal tyre tread depth.

So this week, if you don’t know how to correctly check that your tyres are safe, please take the time to learn more about it. You might just enjoy getting your hands dirty!

Even if it’s not your thing and you continue to rely on a partner or tyre retailer, at least you won’t be caught completely off-guard if you ever have to do it yourself.

To get you started, here are some helpful links. Happy Tread Safely Week!

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Written by Tegan Lawson

Tegan Lawson is the Lifestyle writer and Motoring Expert for The Carousel. Tegan produces in-depth interviews and reviews and helps readers make the best choice for their next car purchase.

Tegan got her first taste of motorsports journalism working for a regional newspaper. She was still a student at the University of Southern Queensland but was moonlighting patrolling the pits at the Leyburn sprints and heading to the drags, as well as working trackside at the Queensland Raceway V8 supercar rounds in the early 2000s. With petrol firmly in her blood, these early days spawned her love of all things automotive.

Her driving career as a 17 year-old began with the unique experience of a Suzuki Carry Van that was quickly upgraded to a more image-appropriate Holden Barina.

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