7 Back To School Essentials For Your Children

Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 09, 2020

It seems like just yesterday that the summer holidays for your children started. Here we go, two months of kids running non-stop around the house with friends and eating too much sugar. You’ve survived Christmas and New Years and now the kids are finally back to school.

With the commencement of another school year, the period all parents look forward to and children dread. By no means are we here to spoil the fun of sending your children back to school, on the contrary, bask in the glory, but the least we can do is send them back with the proper equipment and tools to survive and strive throughout the school year.

So here are seven back to school essentials for your children.

1# J.Burrows Ballpoint Pens Assorted 10 Pack

pens, essentials

Pens. As obvious as this sounds, you’d be surprised how often pens get lost or chewed up at school. All it takes is “Hey can I borrow a pen?” and then you never see it again.

This 10 pack is exactly what you need because they will get lost and when they do, you can buy more because they’re only $1.49 per pack.

2# Desks

Sometimes upon their return to school, your children will want to have a fresh start. A brand new workspace could be exactly the thing to motivate them for the start of the year.

You can go for a simple Dyson Trestle Shelf that still has everything your child will need for a workspace, but just cheaper and possibly less sturdy, alternatively you could opt for the larger, more expensive but more spacious desk in the Newton Hutch Storage.

3# Backpacks

Here’s an essential that your children will WANT to shop for. Of course, as the parent, you must choose a bag suitable for school, one that has enough space for books, folders, etc. At the same time, you don’t want to give your child any old, boring bag.

That’s why the Harlequin Mighty Tuff-Pack is our go-to pick. It’s big enough for lunchboxes, books and folders, and it also looks fashionable. The perfect balance.

4# Laptop

Again, something your children will need in the latter stages of school when they’ll start writing essays and using the internet for research and homework. The bonus is, you’ll be the cool parent for getting them a laptop. Win-win.

Apple, laptop, MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Air (Space Grey)

When it comes to laptops, you can go for the reliable Apple ones which are stylish, sharp and easy to use, but quite pricey. Or you can opt for any other PC, whether it be Dell, Acer, Asus, etc.

For school, we recommend either the Apple MacBook Air, the Microsoft Surface or the Dell Inspiron. Each perfect for school and personal use at three different price points. For the MacBook Air, you’ll be looking at around $2000. The Microsoft Surface is much lower at $1399 and the Dell Inspiron even lower at $799 on sale.

5# Casio Scientific Calculator

scientific calculator

An absolute essential for your highschool teens. During math exams, they’ll need one of these to work out the countless complicated equations that they’ll face. It’s not expensive at $24.98 and will last until your child’s university days.

6# Folders

If there’s one way to encourage your child to be organised, it’s by getting them new folders. Also an essential during the school year, folders will come in handy for when documents need to be kept for reuse or organised by subject.

We recommend checking out Officeworks for a wide range of folders at different price points.

7# Notebooks/Exercise books

This one is more for the younger students since those in highschool tend to use laptops over notebooks nowadays. But, this is a very important purchase nonetheless. We recommend the Keji subject notebook for $3.98 or the Colourhide subject notebook for $5.97. Both are convenient for students of all ages.


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.



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