Planning A Party? Here’s 5 Things To Avoid SoYou Don’t Fail As A Host

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Jul 05, 2020

Founder and Creative Director of events business Little Bird Boutique Events shared with us five things that are sure to ruin any party as a host. So read the below and learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t make them yourself come your next get together!

#1 Don’t bother doing a site rec. So what if you haven’t been to this park before, you’ve checked it out on google earth and it looks like there’s plenty of parking, you assume that concrete building is public toilets and your friends with kids won’t be worried at all that there is an unfenced duck pond. 2-year olds are sensible enough to stay away from the water, right?

#2 You don’t need to send out invites in advance, a few days’ notice should be fine. After all, if they are really your friends they’ll rearrange plans to celebrate your special day. Oh, and don’t worry about inviting both your warring besties, they’ll have enough respect not to fight on your big day even if you seat them right next to each other.

ruin your event
Tips so you don’t fail as a host

#3 So your sister in law is a coeliac, that’s just a buzz word, right? You don’t need to prepare for all these crazy dietary requirements. If someone’s life depends on it, you can be sure they’ll bring their own food and drink… and an epi pen.

#4 Make sure all the providers you use are new and have limited feedback on their website and social media. You don’t want tried and tested professionals, you want someone new and exciting. They wouldn’t be on the internet if they weren’t legit and the few reviews they’ve got are all 5 stars and that’s got to be reassuring.

#5 Yes, there may be professionals who organise events for a living but you’re no schmuck, you’ve arranged a few parties and even though you stress about every little detail at least you’ll save money. After all, you didn’t want to relax and enjoy your own event, did you?

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By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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