3 Top Packing Hacks From Dominique Kemp Of Lou Harvey Bags

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Alice Duthie

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 27, 2022

With the rise of domestic travel over the past 12 months, there’s been a huge uptake in Aussies wanting to ‘explore their own backyard’ with weekend getaways, staycations and interstate trips. Affordable and low risk, it’s a trend that will continue throughout 2022 as Australians build their confidence to travel overseas again. Domestic travel often means travelling light, so here are my top packing hacks to maximise space, lighten the load, and ensure your next holiday is comfortable and stress-free!

Hack #1: Invest in good quality luggage that you love

Let’s face it – there aren’t too many people out there who actually enjoy packing. It can be tedious and tiring trying to figure out what to take with you and what to leave behind. To make the task more pleasant, invest in a good-sized bag that can be used as an overnight or carry-on – something that’s stylish yet functional, lightweight yet durable. If it’s water-resistant and easy to clean, even better! Choose a bag that you love to look at – whether you like to keep things neutral or want to stand out from the crowd with something bold and vibrant, a stylish yet practical bag will help to put a pep in your step the next time you travel!

Hack #2: Get organised 

Don’t leave packing to the last minute! Even if you’re only going away for the weekend, plan as much as you can ahead of time, to avoid rushing and feeling stressed. To help you get organised, start with writing a list; this ensures you don’t forget anything, and gives you enough time to purchase additional items you might need for the trip. To avoid overpacking, pack clothes that you can mix and match easily, and that can be layered – this way, you’re ensuring every item has a purpose and will be used or worn, so you’re not wasting space and adding to the weight of your luggage.

Hack #3: Roll, don’t fold!

Rolling each item of clothing instead of folding takes up less space. It also makes it easier to find things and results in fewer creases and wrinkles. It’s quick and easy to do too! Bonus tip: Place heavier items at the bottom, and lighter or more frequently used items at the top.

Hack #4: Compartmentalise

Consider compartmentalising certain items to make them easier to find (and keep them separate from your clothes!). Items such as jewellery, cosmetics, medicine and toiletries can be placed in smaller bags or packing cubes to keep everything neat and tidy and make it easier to find what you need, when you need it! With any items that might potentially leak (like haircare and skincare), try wrapping cling wrap around the base of the lids, standing them upright and popping them into a leak-proof bag to ensure they make it through the journey. Or you can always opt for solid toiletries such as shampoo bars and soaps to minimise the liquid products you’re taking with you. 

About Dominique Kemp

Dominique Kemp is a South African businesswoman, who now calls Australia home. Seeing a gap in the market for stylish yet practical bags and accessories, she teamed up with her best friend – renowned designer Lou Harvey – to bring the range of quality, bold and vibrant products to Aussie consumers. To find out more about Lou Harvey, head to: https://louharveyaustralia.com.au 


By Alice Duthie

Lifestyle Writer

Alice Duthie is a beauty and lifestyle writer for The Carousel. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney, majoring in Marketing and Business Information Systems.



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