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Uber Phenomenon Takes To The Sky

UberApp UberChopper

Uber & Airbus are launching a “pilot project” working hand-in-hand to provide an on-demand helicopter service. Yes, you read that correctly. Speaking at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, Uber’s Chief Executive Travis Kalanick revealed: “If you can push a button and can get a ride, then why not push a button and get a helicopter”.

Uber App UberChopper

Airbus CEO Tom Enders confirmed the partnership saying they will provide on-demand helicopter rides through Uber’s application. No further information has been released, so we don’t yet know the cost, however we do know that the service will be available for the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on January 21, 2016.

The $62.5 billion company has huge ambitions to diversify and grow. For Uber, tackling air transportation will expand its market and open doors to new opportunities and both CEOs emphasised their excitement for this project.

Soon it will be your call to choose between being stuck in the traffic or flying above it. Whichever one you decide, be aware that prices may vary but you’ll certainly be in for a more exciting ride.

Get a little taste of what this could look like…

Written by Olivier Legeay

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