Data Saving Tips From A Telstra Expert


Data Saving Tips From A Telstra Expert

We discovered three easy ways which will get you back in control of your devices – and the data they’re using while you’re not paying attention. Here, our Lifestyle Editor Emma Markezic talks to a Telstra expert to get the low-down.

Here’s how the conversation goes:

EMMA: Today we’re talking tech-savvy solutions.
Do you know that we reach for our smartphones more than 150 times a day?
Well, to get the most out of it, we have Paul from Telstra with his top three tips.
Let’s kick it off with apps. We all like flicking through them.. like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but it’s a bit of a misconception that when we leave an app, it shuts down.

PAUL: On smartphones today your apps continue to run in the background and this can drain your battery and also use up data which you may not want used. I recommend going into your multitasking settings on your phone and actually closing apps down that you’re not using any more.

EMMA: What about apps that autoplay videos? Entertaining sure, but they can stream right?

PAUL: It’s a great feature, I personally love it but for our data-conscious customers it’s generally recommended they go into the setting inside those apps and change the video autoplay settings to ‘Wifi only’ or ‘not at all’.

EMMA: So, it’s about being in control, of your data.

PAUL: Correct.

EMMA: Speaking of which, a lot of apps now automatically update themselves, so is there a way to manage that manually?

PAUL: Yes, similar to the autoplay videos, in your apps store on your phone you can choose to have apps only update over wifi or at your discretion via manual.

EMMA: Excellent. Thank you very much for tha Paul – great tips.

And for more on the most recent technology, simply head to Telstra Exchange.

Written by Emma Markezic

Emma is a Sydney-based writer, columnist and comedian.

With a particular flair for lifestyle and pop culture, she has written columns for Sunday Style, Grazia, OK! and many more, with her incredibly popular monthly column for Cosmopolitan magazine syndicated to several countries around the world.

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Emma also works as an MC and social commentator, providing quips and reviews for mX newspaper, various ABC radio outlets around the country and on morning television shows on a regular basis, as well as hosting duties for corporate and media outlets such as the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s Style Sessions.

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