Sweep. The Innovative New App Transforming How We Interact With The People

Edwina Bartholomew



Research indicates a whopping 80% of millennials are influenced by where their friends and other like-minded people hang out. And now Sweep, a new free app, is enabling users to access exclusive location-based chats, messaging and AR (augmented reality) to do just that. Basically, it’s a clever way of using the newest technology to interact with real-life friends and connect with new ones in a variety of situations.

Sweep. The Innovative New App Transforming How We Interact With The People And World Around Us

Sweep’s CTO Michael Cerbara and Chief and Product Growth Officer, Mez Gallifuoco.

Sweep’s Chief and Product Growth Officer, Mez Gallifuoco: “We want to foster connection using this app and really bring the community back together in that hyper-localised way”. Explaining how it works, she describes that a user (known as a Sweeper) walking down a street will see different features pop up on their phone screen. “They might be engaging animations, there’ll be things to point you in the right direction to socialise in the right place. Augmented reality is already quite advanced and geolocation is already quite advanced and we’re just repurposing it in a new way.”

Sweep’s CTO Michael Cerbara and Chief and Product Growth Officer, Mez Gallifuoco, with Edwina Bartholomew

Channel Seven’s Edwina Bartholomew talks to Michael Cerbaraand Mez Gallifuoco from Sweep

Ways in which Sweep geolocation chats can be applied are endless Mez suggests. As soon as you enter a venue with a Geochat available, you can instantly chat and connect with the people around you. For instance a university campus Geochat would allow users to connect as a group or individually to chat about courses and compare lectures. Or a Sweeper entering a bar as a stranger would get instant responses to a request for beer recommendations from others using the bar’s hub. Breaking down barriers one Sweep at a time.

Sweep CTO Michael Cerbara

Sweep CTO Michael Cerbara

In this Game Changers interview, Channel Seven’s Edwina Bartholomew describes the possibilities behind this Australian technology as a ‘new frontier’, and CTO Michael Cerbara agrees: “We can’t predict how people are going to use it. And that’s probably the best. We’re going to see things that we had never imagined possible or even thought of.”

While Sweepers will define how the technology is used in everyday life, Michael hopes their next-level AR product, called Agent Reality will be used “to find out opportunities in which we can use this technology in novel ways that actually solves real problems.”

Sweep got a great response from users at the Gold Coast launch recently. So if it sounds like a Game Changing app to you, you can download Sweep from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store now.

Disclaimer: The Carousel Publisher Robyn Foyster is chairperson of AR Technologies Pty Ltd, which owns Sweep and Agent Reality.