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Our Top 3 Best Budget Phones of 2017

Budget Phones of 2017

Every year, mobile tech giants always up their game, competing and offering people who’s got the best gadget – from design to OS to how good the features are. But the flip slide is for every new release comes with a high price.

Apple releases their latest iPhone series, with iPhone X having a price tag of $999. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is $930. Even Google’s 2nd generation Pixel phones (Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL) commands a high investment of $650. Quite expensive, aren’t they?

These new flagship of phones are way too costly even if you opt to pay for it via installment. For some, it’s worth paying the service providers for two years to own these babies, but many people can’t…even if these are the best of the best.

Fortunately, for the budget-conscious peeps, we have listed down the top cheap phones for under $300 that can also offer best mobile features. And when we mean “best cheap phones”, it does not mean phones with shoddy quality, sluggish performance and other bad features. The market has a lot to offer about top budget phones.

Favourite Budget Phones Under $300

If you have time and patience to monitor deal listings, you can still get premium mobile finds. Some websites and telecom carriers slash off their prices for older version. Without further ado, here’s our top 3 listings:

Motorola G4 Plus $268 and $297

Motorola has up its game when it comes to smartphone. Their best offer is the Motorola G4 Plus which Officeworks ($268) and The Good Guys ($297) online shops gives their customers the great deals.

Motorola g4 Plus

For other phone specifications, visit: Motorola G4 Plus

Nokia 6 $230

Nokia is back with their latest baby, Nokia 6 that exudes great looks and durability. If you want to buy one or experience Nokia (like you used to before), go for this phone. Nokia 6 features the highest specs and works the best out of all the new handsets.

Nokia 6 Features Budget Phone

For the full phone specifications, click on this link: Nokia 6

Alcatel Idol 5S – $200 with ads, $280 without ads

With stunning design and features at a stunning price, Alcatel never fails their customers with their Alcatel Idol 5S.

Alcatel Idol 5s

Available as an Amazon Prime exclusive, the Idol 5s looks and feels like any Alcatel’s previous handsets. The Idol series is known for its good quality and affordable prices.

For the overall phone specs, check them out here: Alcatel Idol 5S.

Are these the best bargain? Yes!

As aforementioned, it all takes patience and time to shop for budget friendly smartphones under $300. They may not be like the latest from Samsung, Apple or Google but for sure these competitive brands are giving people respectable lines of handsets with relatively modern and user-friendly features.

Written by TheCarousel

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