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Get Rich With 5 Top Money Saving Apps For Techies

Get Rich With 5 Top Money Saving Apps For Techies

Tracking expenses and knowing what’s going on with your money is the best way to be financially disciplined and growing your personal wealth.

In this fast-pacing and economically rising world we live in, our day to day expenses are increasing and let’s be honest, most of us have a hard time saving up and tracking our daily costs.

But thanks to our continuously developing technology because financial apps are easily to download. With these on-the-go technologies, it’s even now more easier for us to track every single dollars we have.

In this post, we’ve come up with Top 5 Money Savings Apps that are good for all ages. We listed apps to help you from budgetting to investing and to saving money. Learn more about these apps and find out which ones will work best for you.



Venmo Money Saving App

Of all e-wallets in the app store, Venmo is placed on top. With Venmo, you can make or share payments using the money you have in Venmo account to your friends, family or clients. This app takes all the stress away when it comes to money management in just a click away.

To pay others, Venmo takes money straight from your bank account. When you’re on the receiving end, funds come into the app, and with just the click of a button, you can transfer them to your bank.

You can connect your bank account or any eligible debit card in order to send money. If you are using credit cards and it’s not on Venmo’s network, the cost is 3% of what you’re sending.



Digit money saving app

For most people who think that saving money is impossible, worry no more because Digit can do that easy-breezy. The app syncs with your checking account and analyzes your spending to look for money that you’re not using.

The app uses data by analyzing your income and then determines the right amount for you to save. This app is perfect for people who has a hard time doing budgeting. Aside from that, it also provides weekly status report on how much you’ve saved.



Robinhood money investment app

This app is specifically made for millennials but everyone can use this.  For people who wants to start investing, Robinhood is the app for you. The app allows for commission-free trading right through your mobile device and there’s no minimum amount you need to get started.

You can start at $25 or $50 and it’s way cheaper than the require $500 for most online brokerages to open an account.



Freshbooks Accounting Software

For people who are self-managing their invoices, monitoring expenses, managing billable time, tracking projects and more, Freshbooks is the go to app.

It is a cloud-based accounting app that makes money management painless, fast and secure. It is ridiculously easy to use and has powerful features.



Empower money management app

A newly launched app, Empower is an all in one app. It gives you a comprehensive review of your finances with just a single tap. It syncs to all kinds of accounts like checking, savings, debt (student loans) and investing.

One of the highlighted feature of this app is that it gives users a personalised feedback in regards spending and it can send reminders about making bills, etc. Empower makes sure that its users are spending less. It also gives users monthly reports to see where the money is going so on the next pay, you can plan ahead.

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