Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa: A Feel Good Sustainable Luxury Experience

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa
James Townsend

Travel Writer

Dec 11, 2023

Community, culture, and conservation underscored every experience I had at the resort.

Blending sustainability and comfort, the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is pioneering the ecotourism scene in Fiji.

For the climate conscious and community centred among us, travel sometimes feels like a naughty indulgence. In the past, tourism done badly gave the industry a bit of an adverse rep in the media. The last thing you want on holiday is a tinge of guilt – an anxiety you’re going against your morals for a bit of respite.

Thankfully, if you do your research, you can choose a resort that reflects your values. The Intercontinental Fiji gave me that peace of mind. Knowing my trip and my money was going towards positive change in the Fijian community made all the difference.

The hotel has a bundle of sustainable initiatives: some run behind the scenes while others make for a rewarding day activity.

Coral Reef

Rebuilding the Reef

I think one of the best ways to get involved is helping rejuvenate the reef through the InterContinental Fiji’s coral propagation program.

Each week the resort’s own marine biologist guides visitors through the process of making “cookies”, cement ball structures that supports reef growth. After a quick boat trip to fetch stray fragments of coral, you implant the rescued pieces into the cookies and plant them at dedicated sites around the hotel’s house reef.

It’s a feel-good and hands-on activity that’s appropriate for all guests.

To add to your immersive experience, guests with an interest in learning a little bit more about the bay’s rich ecosystem can join regular presentations run by local reef experts.

Fiji Intercontinental
The dining experience at the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa is sublime

Litter for a Latte

You can’t go to Fiji without a daily morning stroll on the beach. It’s the best time to relax, soak in the views, and get your step-count. It’s also the perfect opportunity to give back a little.

To encourage guests to help maintain the beach’s pristine state, the resort runs an initiative called Litter for a Latte. Employees, locals, and holidaymakers are invited to join forces to help clean-up Natadola Beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world.

It’s a thoughtful and meaningful opportunity to connect with other people while helping to revitalise the environment. For the enthusiastic among us, you actually get a complimentary drink voucher for two local beers if you manage to fill a bag with rubbish!

It’s a great incentive to make your trip more sustainable – I wish I saw this more at other resorts.

If you’re on holiday with the sole purpose of relaxing in lux style, rest assure you won’t feel pressured to volunteer – after all you’re the one on vacation! But as you thrive by the poolside with the best view of tropical paradise, you can still feel a sense of pride. In the background, the hotel runs hidden sustainable initiatives behind the scenes.

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa
Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa

Sustainable Spa Experience

The resort hosts Fiji’s best spa, recently winning the prestigious World Spa Awards 2022. Even better, it’s incredibly sustainable and indulging!

I’ve never been so relaxed in my life. The staff were so positive and warm, gently guiding me through the pampering of a lifetime. The actual treatment rooms are beautiful with high ceilings and open spaces; an aura of serenity and peace radiates throughout the building.

What makes their pampering treatments so unique is their exclusive use of natural locally grown products. With an onsite garden attached the to spa, freshly grown herbs are utilised to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Teas and smoothies instil the goodness of the aromatic plants and leave an incredible fresh scent in the air.

I would highly recommend one of the regular tours of the spa herb garden. You get to see first-hand what goes into your treatment while you smell and sometimes taste the lushest basils, thymes, lavenders, and rosemary you will ever experience.

The herb patch was the added touch that really enriched my treatment. It’s one of many examples of how dedicated the resort is to make all aspects of your stay sustainable and ecofriendly.

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa
Dining sensibly at the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa

Dining Sensibly

Food waste, plastic rubbish, inauthentic restaurant décor, and imported products are far too common at high-end hotels. Local and fresh should go hand-in-hand with luxury. Thankfully, the Intercontinental Fiji understands this.

Their signature Navo restaurant – located on Natadola Beach – blends culture, community, and cuisine. Traditional Fijian dishes are made with the freshest ingredients sourced by small businesses in the area. Its beautifully styled with high-quality, sustainable decor crafted by local artisans. Guests can even purchase the tabletop items if they wish to support these craftworkers while taking a part of Fiji back home.

The resort also works with local farmers from Sanasana village to make sure leftovers are reposed as feed for the piggery.

Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa

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By James Townsend

Travel Writer

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