What YOU Can Do To Help Save The Planet And Stop Further Climate Change…

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Liz Courtney


Jun 26, 2020

If we could work to reduce our personal carbon footprint by just 5% then collectively we could make a huge difference and start to turn the tide around. It takes a combination of a collective way of thinking and living, that can become a new carbon footprint for all of us to aspire to, achieve and then live.

Help Save The Planet By Changing Your – this could include:

  • shopping locally, buying produce that’s grown locally.
  • turning off all power plugs overnight.
  • not leaving lights on during the day
  • using low wattage globes
  • walking to the shops when possible
  • taking public transport where possible
  • purchasing bikes and using them before a car to travel around the local area
  • working on reducing your electricity bill  by 5%
  • recycling clothes with friends rather than always buying something new ( how many of us have things in our wardrobe we have not worn, impulse purchase, or been given and it’s the wrong size or colour)
  • read the labels on clothes and avoid chemicals -synthetics that are full of chemicals take up to 30 years to breakdown in landfill
  • wear clothes more often before you wash them
  • explore solar power panels on your roof and start making your own power
  • explore recycling grey water  for the garden
  • start a community Carbon Zero group and meet quarterly to explore ways you can reduce the carbon footprint in your area.
Reason To Beelieve: Saving Out Planet
Read about what Taronga Zoo is doing to save bees here.

Take a leadership role in your family, with friends open the dialogue and explore new ideas and ways you can reduce your footprint by 5% and make a pledge to try for the next three months to make a difference. Put out the pledge on Facebook and see how many of your friends will join you on this quest.

Get involved

Tell us how you have tried to reduce your carbon footprint. It could be as simple as turning lights off at night, or limiting your tumble dryer use. Every little bit helps, so let’s start the discussion here and make a difference together.


By Liz Courtney


Liz Courtney is a documentary maker and notably directed Earth’s Survival and the series The Tipping Points of Climate Change. She is a mother and social entrepreneur. Liz was one of the winners of 100 Women of Influence awards in 2015



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