An Inside Look At Weleda’s Gorgeous Biodynamic Gardens In Germany

Weleda Biodynamic Gardens
Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Sep 15, 2021

Weleda’s stunning grounds in Germany is the largest biodynamic garden in Europe.

Earlier this year the eco-conscious beauty brand celebrated its centenery with the launch of its immersive online platform Open Garden, to give people a virtual experience of the grounds where it cultivates 120 plant species for harvest, and provides a home to 50 bird species, several hundred species of wild bees, and another 1000 species as wild habitat.

Weleda's picturesque gardens in Germany
Weleda’s picturesque gardens in Germany attract and feed local wildlife such as birds and bees.

“Over the past hundred years we’ve amassed so much valuable knowledge,” Eileen Smith, Weleda’s Global Brand Equity Manager, said.

“We want to share our experiences and ways of working to hopefully inspire others to follow so that more people and the planet can benefit. The term ‘natural’ has become diluted and confusing, and consumers are desperate to understand what makes an authentic, natural health or beauty product. By showcasing our sustainable farming and ethical sourcing methods, as well as explaining how our high quality products are made, we hope The Open Garden will provide some valuable insights.”

Weleda cultivates eight medicinal plant gardens around the world according to the guidelines of biodynamic agriculture and has a large community of ethical suppliers. Weleda is proud to attest the gardens are at the heart of its operations, as the source of much of its ingredients.

Organic calendula extract features in a huge range of Weleda products, especially its baby care ranges.

Weleda is working to improve the ecological sustainability of its packaging. The company is increasing the proportion of recycled material in its packaging and aiming for zero waste. Weleda Australia has a program with TerraCycle to provides customers with an avenue to recycle packaging not able to be collected with local recycling.


By Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

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