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Keep An Eye On The Sky: Planets About To Align

Planets about to Align

Visible every early morning for the four weeks, this is the first time that the five planets will appear in the same sky since January 2005.

This rare celestial phenomenon is worth the watch since these bright planets will be easily seen in our sky with light similar to the distant stars.

According to Australian Geographic “The alignment will be visible to the naked eye from January 20 from 5.30am-5.45am AEDT until February 20 5am-6am AEDT.”

The magazine also offered the tip to “Hold your arm up in a straight line from the horizon to the moon and the planets should fall along that line.”

If you are not an astronomer, it might be difficult to find out exactly where to look and which planet is which.

Luckily, there are a numerous stargazing mobile apps to make sure you don’t miss out. Sky View & Sky Map are the two on our list to ensure you get the best experience ever.

Also make sure to find a clear horizon, so buildings and trees don’t obscure your view, and the less clouds and light pollution, the better.

Written by Olivier Legeay


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