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How To Personalise Your Valentine’s Day Gift

How To Personalise Your Valentine's Day Gift

In the dark age of Tinder, The Bachelor and the pet name ‘Bae’, it would be easy to resign ourselves to the fact that romance is taking it’s final breaths.

But rather than accept this grim relationship fate, we have made it our mission to put a spin on classic romance, and hand-picked personalised and unique presents that will make the person you love truly smile. Here’s how to personalise your Valentine’s Day gift.

1. Flowers

Cynics amongst us may say that flowers are cliché and overdone. The truth is that receiving something so natural, pure and beautiful never fails to fill a person with joy. The timeless gesture can stay fresh as long as it is thoughtfully executed and tailored to the recipient.

A great way to go the extra mile is to personally go to the flower markets or visit your local florist. Not only will you be assured the most fresh and stunning flowers, but the gift becomes all the more thoughtful and special.

Add meaning to your bouquet by checking out the true meanings behind each of the flowers which is available on the Sydney Flower Markets website.

How To Personalise Your Valentine’s Day Gift

2. Engraving

What better way to personalise your gift then to add a thoughtful message? You don’t have to invest in expensive jewellery, instead take a sentimental favourite and make it all that more meaningful with words straight from the heart. You can also engrave bottles of whiskey, wine, cufflinks or watches for a non-traditional spin.

Visit to write your special message.

Mister Mint

3. Massage

Giving your partner a massage is one of the most intimate and sensual presents you can give. However, you have to go the full nine yards to create as much of an atmosphere as possible. Think candles, relaxing music – the whole works.

Our secret to executing this gift is the Lyfestyled Candle by Kyly Clarke. This is not your ordinary candle. Once lit, the candle’s oil can be used as massage oil that can be applied even on sensitive skin and smells like heaven.

The delicious Lyfestyled candles
The delicious Lyfestyled candles

4. Cocktails

If your partner appreciates cocktails, a personal and slightly unusual gift is to buy a high quality bottle of alcohol to make cocktails with. Let loose a little with your loved one to really indulge in a romantic evening.

From the tiny seaside village of Girvan in Scotland, Hendricks Gin has released a romantic Valentine’s Day edition that is a fusion of cucumber and roses to make your heart flutter. This strange yet seductive liquor is definitely our pick for a cheeky drink.

The 'Woocumber' gift pack. Complete with a red rose.
The ‘Woocumber’ gift pack. Complete with a red rose

5. Film

What could be more romantic than wanting to capture your most precious memories together? Investing in a video camera to use means that you are able to remember the exciting times to come in your life together. You could even make short films for presents in the future.

The Sony 4K Cam is pocketable, shockproof, dust proof and waterproof for up to 60m. You can take it on all of your romantic adventures and make sure that you never forget precious moments in the future.

Get shooting with a Sony 4K camera
Get shooting with a Sony 4K camera

6. Chocolate

Chocolate is notorious for being a lame but not if you personalise it. Plus chocolate claims to be an aphrodisiac, tastes delicious and is the ultimate indulgence.

KITKAT Chocolatory recently provided a new service, allowing you to make your loved one a bespoke eight bar KitKat. You can choose from white, milk or dark base and add 16 unique ingredients such as Rose Petals, Raspberry, Pretzels, Hibiscus and more. Over 1,500 combinations are possible, so finding a personal and unique chocolatey gift is easy.

How To Personalise Your Valentines Day Gift 4
All the chocolatey goodness.
How To Personalise Your Valentines Day Gift 6
What would your chocolate combination be?

What are your ideas for how to personalise your Valentine’s Day gift ? We’d love to hear from you.

Written by Victoria Webster

Victoria Webster is The Carousel's Lifestyle writer.

She began her journalism career by studying Media and Communications at The University of Sydney.

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