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The Mummy Premiere In Sydney: All The Black Carpet Highlights!

Mummy stars turn out in Sydney

Say what you will about his private life, but there’s no denying that The Mummy star Tom Cruise has still got Hollywood pulling-power.

The marquee act in the new zombie thriller was mobbed by fans on arrival at the black carpet premiere at The State Theatre.

Beaming and waving to the adoring throng, the A-Lister regularly stopped to pose for selfies and shake hands.

“I love these monster movies,” Tom, 54, told AAP before he entered the packed theatre. Just hours earlier his security entourage had reportedly blocked the busy cross-city tunnel in a bid to thwart the chasing paparazzi.

“For me as a kid, I remember on Friday night I was a little kid and I had three sisters and I was like ‘I wanna see this movie.’ And all the girls would sleep in one room and I was a boy so I had my own room, and they were like ‘OK you can see this but you’ve got to sleep in your own room tonight’.

“I remember being utterly terrified. I was six years old and banging on the door and then going in and sleeping on the floor of their room. And they’re beautiful films too, you look at the sets and the design of them and to have the opportunity to be a part of that vision of what this world is going to be is a lot of fun.”

Tom, who plays Nick Morton in the film that opens in Australia on June 8, was joined at the opening by co-stars Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, and director Alex Kurtzman, pictured above.

Richard Wilkins and the stunning Sonia Kruger also fronted at the glitzy event, along with a slew of other local celebrities.

Tom was lavish in his praise for Russell Crowe, who plays Doctor Jekyll in the movie, in a pre-recorded interview with Today.

“I had a blast with Russell, he’s a brilliant actor,” he said.

Tom also revealed that he performed his own stunts in zero gravity during a plane crash sequence with his co-star, British actress Annabelle Wallis (below), who plays Egyptologist Jenny Halsey.

“With a film like this, you’ve got to be bold,” Tom added.

“It’s a film that’s going to be scary, thrilling and quite adventurous.”

Said Russell at the premiere: “He’s (Tom) absolutely an energiser bunny that fella, Mr 100 per cent.

“When somebody flies through the air, that’s somebody flying through the air, and that back slam onto the desk, that’s full on, 100 per cent full speed.”

The film is a reportedly a darker, scarier reboot of The Mummy movies in which Tom plays a soldier of fortune, and The Mummy is female for the first time – a far cry from the Brendan Fraser series that came before it.

  • All our pictures were supplied courtesy of Michael Theodoridis at Cyclone Imaging Photography. 

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