The Bachelorette Sam’s Surprise Gift To Sasha

The Bachelorette Sam's Surprise Gift To Sasha
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Nov 23, 2015

After winning each other’s hearts – and the nation’s – with their smouldering date painting together on The Bachelorette, Sam has discovered she shares her new beau’s passion for the canvas.

She recently unveiled her most adventurous work yet, this abstract creation below which Sasha gave the thumbs up to on Instagram, “My very own Picasso! Very proud of [Sam] for this beautiful piece…she’s becoming quite the artist!”

The Bachelorette Sam's Surprise Gift To Sasha

Sam and Sasha sold their collaboration on The Bachelorette for $2000 on eBay, with all the proceeds going to the Stroke Foundation in honour of Sam’s step-dad Paul John Kenyon.

There’s no confirmation yet on whether Sam plans to put her latest work up for sale too.

But if reports this week are correct, the lovebirds may be competing for wall space in their new forever home sooner than anyone expected.

During an open home in the apartment that Sasha rents would-be buyers supposedly spotted a card lying around congratulating him on his engagement.

The 30-year-old construction manager is also reportedly to have left a ‘Save the date’ card in his kitchen which only added more fuel to the rumours.

Sasha is currently staying in the New South Wales coastal town of Huskisson while he commits to a local building project.

Sam is based in Sydney where she’s now co-hosting the breakfast show on 2Day FM with Rove McManus, but visits every chance she gets, although Sasha sounds a little distracted when his girlfriend checks up on him at work.

The Bachelorette Sam's Surprise Gift To Sasha

“Bring your girlfriend to work day,” he writes next to this recent Instagram post. “Hottest construction worker I’ve ever seen.”

“He’s going to make the perfect husband,” Sam has supposedly said.

Adds Sasha: “I see us getting married, having a couple of kids and getting in an old hot rod or convertible and driving to the beach.


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