The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites

The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites1
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Jul 27, 2016

Reports suggest that Richie, 31, has already found love – the show is taped weeks before it airs on our screens.

The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites7

So who is the one who has swept the hunky oil-rig worker off his feet?

Here are our three early front-runners….

1. Olena, 23, make-up artist, NSW

The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites2

Ukrainian Olena “attacks with the eyes” when she sees someone she likes. Although her mum has given up on her ever having children, this hasn’t deterred the confident and honest make-up artist, who is ready to find a love like her happily married parents.

Why are you single?

I was travelling around the world for three years for work until a few months back, when I opened my own business here in Australia. I’ve always wanted to accomplish my dreams first and then settle down with someone I can share my life with.

What is your most memorable dating story?

I was at a candlelit dinner when I leant over to kiss my date. My hair caught on fire and he had to put it out with the ice bucket!

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

Angelina Jolie, as she seems to have both the successful career and maintain family life at the same time.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Fun, exciting, humble, respectful, energetic.

Describe your dream date?

It would be spending quality time with someone who pays attention to ‘us’ regardless of where we are

2. Kiki, 28, personal assistant, NSW

The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites3

Bubbly and confident, Kiki is a hopeless romantic who follows her heart. She is looking for a loyal man with a strong connection to nature who is passionate about his family. Kiki is very trusting and while she has had her heart broken a few times, she has not given up hope of finding her dream man.

Why are you single?

I move around and work quite a lot, which I find everyone else around me also does. A lot of people have stopped putting their relationships ahead of their careers and I am probably one of those people. It’s about time I stopped compromising real life interaction for material things.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

The talented Tom Hardy. Considering his success, he still seems grounded and even takes his mum to his movie premières. Who wouldn’t love that?

What is a deal breaker in a guy?

A guy with a sense of self entitlement, who talks badly to wait staff or parks in a disabled car park. In general, someone who doesn’t put the greater good ahead of themselves.

Who is your style icon and why?

Rihanna. She is the epitome of a fashion chameleon.

3. Marja, 34, Yoga Instructor, NSW 

The Bachelor 2016: Meet 3 Early Rose Favourites5

Adventure, love and trust are the three things that Marja wants from life this year and she is happy to do whatever it takes to get her there. She is a deep thinker who is passionate about yoga and believes teaching is her “contribution to putting a little more positivity and love back into the world”. She wants a spiritual and driven “Mr Right” to join her on her journey.

What made you apply to be part of The Bachelor Australia?

My intention for this year was made up of three words: love, adventure and trust. This experience embodies all three.

What is your most memorable dating story?

When I was three years old, my boyfriend Asa gave me my first flower. I’ll never forget it.

Why are you single?

By choice. This is the first time I have been single for quite a long period of time in my adult life. I think that at this time, being single is really important for me as an individual to grow.

Do you have a type?

I think my type would be someone who is a deep communicator — surface stuff is not real to me. I want someone who is considerate and lives a healthy life.

What is your best asset and why?

My ability to let go of things and bounce back.

  • The Bachelor, Channel Ten, July 27, 7.30pm


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