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Studio 10’s Sarah Harris Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Sarah harris smiling new mum

Studio 10 announced the big news on Twitter, also revealing the newborn’s name as Paul William Ward.

“We’re thrilled to announce Paul William Ward was born 11.30am this morning. Congratulations @SarahHarris!”

Weighing 4.23kg and measuring 54cm, little Paul is described by mum as a “bruiser, but perfect”.

“We’re in love!” she adds in a brief statement.

Studio 10's Sarah Harris Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Sarah, 34, is yet to share any photos of her newborn bub, but declared back in July when she announced her pregnancy on the show that she would love to have a redhead baby.

“I’m dying for it to be a ginger,” she said, referring to her husband’s red hair.

“I’d love a little ginger baby.”

Sarah wasn’t due to give birth until the December 23 but told that she thought she would “go early”.

Sarah and Tom, an IT specialist, tied the knot after five years together in an intimate ceremony in Sydney in July, 2014 before celebrating their honeymoon in Spain.

At seven months pregnant she lashed out after paparazzi photos of her “off duty” were published online.

Studio 10's Sarah Harris Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Sarah says she felt ashamed of the photos of her growing baby bump but then made the mistake of reading the comments before boldly telling body shamers to “get stuffed”.

“I did feel pretty awful about the comments and the pictures.

“But then I thought, you know what? Bugger it. I’m growing a baby.

“This is me. I hope those photos of me make other pregnant women feel better about their bodies because I’m kind of fed up with the body shaming that happens when you’re pregnant and then the pressure that comes afterwards to lose the baby weight.”

It’s that kind of spirit that makes Sarah such a popular host – on behalf of The Carousel and all our readers, a heart-felt congratulations to you and your amazing husband Tom.

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