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Rebel Wilson’s Real Age And Other Secrets Revealed

Rebel Wilson Real Age

She’s sharing everything anyone cares to ask her about; how she got her big break, how much she loves her mum, her first headshot, and how she yearns to play a more dramatic role.

The Aussie star has also finally addressed the endless rumours – well, sort of – about how old she really is.

After a 2015 report surfaced claiming she was actually 36, rather than 29, at the time Rebel’s only response was this tweet below:

Rebel Wilson Real Age Secrets 5

Now Rebel tells Julia Zemiro on ABC’s Home Delivery that when she moved to the US she simply stopped telling people her age.

“I was just being a lady and not telling my age,” she says, deftly dodging the issue head-on.

Rebel Wilson Real Age Secrets 4

“The reality is when you get hired, when you work in America, you have to show your passport and your visa for every single job, so it was not like you could hide how old you were.

“Most actresses do that.”

Here’s a few other surprises to surface from The Bridesmaids star:

She never wanted to be famous

Rebel told US TV host Seth Meyers that she’s as confused as the rest of us about her newfound fame.

She even shared this never-before-seen first headshot to prove her point.

Rebel Wilson Real Age Secrets 3

“When I first said I was going to become an actress, like nobody thought that it would ever happen. Looking at that headshot, would you think that girl would get hired? No!

“It’s usually one of those things where you’re like, ‘Nobody believed in me and I proved them wrong.’ But this is a case where you look at this and go, ‘Nobody believed in me, and right they were. It’s crazy now to look back that I have succeeded based on my early decisions on a headshot.'”

“I feel like I’m growing into my looks, which is weird, because most people are their hottest at age 18.”

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Her mum is the opposite to a stage mum

Convinced Rebel was heading for a career as a lawyer at home, her mum Sue didn’t want her to go Hollyood.

She admits she cried when Rebel told her she was heading to LA instead.

“She was supposed to be a lawyer and she got an amazing mark,” Sue tells ABC.

But Rebel says her skills were put to good use in Hollywood.

“In the early days I used to negotiate a lot of my own contracts.”

She worked in a cinema during her early acting career

As a teenager, Rebel worked at a local cinema in Sydney’s Castle Hill while also working as an actor.

She said that confused a lot of patrons, especially when she was working during the showing of her first movie, Fat Pizza.

“I am in the film and I am still working there making the popcorn, sweeping up the trash,” she said.

“People would see me and they’re like: ‘Hey weren’t you just in that film?’.

“It would confuse the hell out of people because obviously when you start out as an actress you don’t earn the big bucks.”

Her family is big in the dog show world

Rebel’s mother Sue is an international dog show judge and breeds and shows Beagles professionally.

Rebel would often accompany her family to dog shows and was, at one stage, a junior handler.

“I was excellent … I went all the way to the Royal Easter Show.”

Rebel Wilson Real Age Secrets

She once hallucinated that she won an Oscar

While on a year-long exchange program in Africa, Wilson fell dangerously ill with a case of Malaria.

“I almost died … I was in intensive care for two weeks. I was the skinniest I have ever been. It was great,” she joked.

“I hallucinated that I won an Oscar and then I went up there and gave an acceptance rap instead of an acceptance speech.

“I like came back and I enrolled in the Australian Theatre For Young People and people thought I was nuts.”

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