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Radio Star Andy Lee Splits With Rebecca Harding

Radio Star Andy Lee Splits With Rebecca Harding1

Andy revealed on his Hamish and Andy radio show that he’d parted ways “a little while ago” with the gorgeous Rebecca Harding, 25.

The popular host made the startling revelation about the split when he and co-host Hamish Blake started talking about kissing during an on-air segment.

Radio Star Andy Lee Splits With Rebecca Harding3

They were discussing the ‘slug’, where one goes to kiss someone and they let their ‘tongue go limp in their mouth’, and then pull back and say ‘you have been slugged!’

Andy said he no longer has to worry about the ‘slug’ because he was single.

“I am worried about you (Hamish) because you know that Bec and I broke up a little while ago. And so she was the only one that was going to slug me,” he explained to his radio co-host.

“Your still a chance to get slugged by your wife,” he turned to tell Hamish, who is married to former beauty blogger, Zoe Foster-Blake.

After going public with their romance in 2015, it appeared that Rebecca was finally the ‘one’ for the unlucky-in-love Andy.

Radio Star Andy Lee Splits With Rebecca Harding4

She told the Daily Mail that the 10-year age gap didn’t bother her one bit and there was never a dull moment when Andy was around.

The only hint of friction came around their work hours.

“It kills me in the morning when I get up to go to work and he’s just lounging around,” she said at the time.

The couple met when Rebecca was working as a waitress in a cafe.

After serving Andy, the comedian worked up the courage to speak to her and eventually left a note on a napkin.

“I was trying to chat to her, so I was ordering a lot,” he told listeners in July last year after being grilled by Hamish to reveal the details.

“I had like an hour and a half breakfast and you know I don’t really like that because I like getting in and out in food situations.”

Meanwhile, It seems that following their split, Rebecca and Andy went on post break-up holidays.

Rebecca was posting pictures of herself holidaying in Bali, while the 2DayFM presenter enjoyed a road trip around Europe with his friends.

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