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New Game Of Thrones Teaser Video And Pics

Game Of Thrones Star Battles Sexism Head On

In this 80-second leaked clip below, the camera hovers ominously around the spooky Hall of Faces first seen in the fifth season.

It focuses on the disembodied faces of characters lost in the series so far, before panning across surviving characters, including Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Arya and Bran Stark, and Jon Snow.

All three Stark siblings left last season were in states of limbo — Arya, pledged to an assassins’ cult, Bran living in a tree with Max von Sydow.

But it’s Jon, stabbed and apparently bleeding to death on the snowy ground at Castle Black, who has the gloomiest future.

“The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it,” he intones in the latest tease, which has polarised fans online.

Many are grateful for anything they can get ahead of the first episode on Foxtel on April 13, while others say they wish the trailer revealed more.

Season six also marks the point at which the show will overtake the books, thanks to George R.R. Martin’s pedestrian writing pace, and the rigours of maintaining a successful TV series.

It’s unchartered territory from here on in, leaving many fans speculating the future of their favourite characters.

But HBO has also released a glimpse of what the new season has in store for many of the beloved characters.

New Game Of Thrones Teaser Video And Pics

An album of photos has been uploaded to the network’s Facebook page, revealing the fates of several fan favourites.

Among the collection is a ghostly photo of Ayra Stark, blinded following the betrayal of the Faceless Men, as well as an image of Jaime Lannister standing by what appears to the body of his dead daughter, Myrcella.

New Game Of Thrones Teaser Video And Pics

Ramsay Bolton is snapped in a pensive pose, while Theon and Sansa appear to have survived their Winterfell escape.

For Sophie Turner’s take on what lies ahead for her character Sansa Stark, click here.

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