MKR’s Matt Prays His ‘Cougar’ Will Propose

MKR Matt Prays His ‘Cougar’ Will Propose
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Feb 03, 2016

That means Cheryl, 50, his marriage-shy partner on MKR, has the green light to get down on one knee and propose.

Matt says he’d pop the question himself but doesn’t want to rush Cheryl, who is openly gun-shy about walking down the aisle.

“I was the original runaway bride,” says Cheryl.

“I was due to get married [20 years ago] and then two weeks before the wedding I just thought: ‘Holy crap! I can’t do this’.

“I just left the country, took off to Canada and hid in the Rocky Mountains for four years.

“The whole time, my fiancé was trying to contact me – I was such a naughty girl because I left.”

MKR Matt Prays His ‘Cougar’ Will Propose 2

Cheryl, one of the most polarising stars on the top-rating new series of MKR on Seven, says that if she is ever going to marry it will be to kind-hearted Matt.

“No other man I’ve ever met has made me feel like Matt makes me feel,” she says.

“He blows my mind every day. He is so kind and considerate. He gives me advice, and I think: ‘How do you know this? You’re half my age’.”

The controversial couple met during a wild night out at Brisbane’s Treasury Casino in late 2014.

“Matt and I don’t think about the age difference,” says Cheryl, who describes herself as a serial cougar.

MKR Matt Prays His ‘Cougar’ Will Propose 1

“All we think about is that we like each other’s company.”

If Cheryl does propose this year, Matt already knows he has his mum Gail’s seal of approval.

The grandmother-of-eight is just eight years older than Cheryl – and they’re already firm friends.

“I love Cheryl. She’s great, she’s fun – it’s all laughs when we’re together,” Gail also tells New Idea.

“She’s the first of Matt’s girlfriends I’ve met and I hope she’s the last.”


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