MKR ‘Villains’ Rattled By Semi-Final Rivals

MKR ‘Villains’ Rattled By Semi-Final Rivals1
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Apr 21, 2016

The flashy lawyers, who the whole of Australia has loved to loathe the last few weeks, battle fan faves, sisters Tasia and Gracia Segar, while mum and son duo Anna and Jordan Bruno face off against underdogs Lauren and Carmine Finelli on Monday, April 25.

The winner of each semi-final will then meet in the grand finale the following night.

MKR ‘Villains’ Rattled By Semi-Final Rivals2

“Gianni and I knew they were the strongest team in the competition and that we’d have to step it up,” says Zana of the fun-loving siblings.

“The fact they converted me into loving Asian food says a lot. It’s a very big deal. I said to them, ‘Your food so far is the best I’ve tasted in the competition’.”

Jordan admits he breathed a sigh of relief upon finding they’d escaped having to cook against the talented sisters in the semis.

MKR ‘Villains’ Rattled By Semi-Final Rivals3

“I didn’t think anybody would be capable of beating them because they’re just unstoppable,” he says.

Despite barely scraping into the top teams at the start of the season, Tasia and Gracia have wowed the judges and their fellow competitors ever since – and finished first in the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round.

Lauren, however, says she isn’t fazed by anyone left in the competition and promises to come out firing with so much at stake.

“(The other teams) kept remembering us as being bad and not remembering our strengths,” she says of their form prior to the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round.

“They got a rude shock when we came out with such a good score. At the end of the day I’m very grateful to Channel Seven for giving us so much airtime because it’s an opportunity.

“We weren’t going to fade into the background. We used (the show) as a marketing tool to be honest. The fact was, every time I rolled my eyes I knew 100 per cent it would be used on TV. You’ve got to be smart about it.”

MKR ‘Villains’ Rattled By Semi-Final Rivals5

Meanwhile, siblings Mitch, 21, and Laura, 19, Skvor are still hoping to carve out careers as cooks, despite being bundled out of the final four with a semi-final slot in sight.

“Laura really wants to do something in the food industry, she is just trying to find her avenue, whether that’s through an apprenticeship or something else,” says Mitch.

“Dad and I are currently running sheep and we are looking at maybe going into butchering. From that we might even create a restaurant in a farm setting where we can produce all the meat and vegetables and have it be fully sustainable.”


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