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Macaulay Culkin Revisits ‘Home Alone’ In Viral Video

Macaulay Culkin Revisits 'Home Alone' In Viral Video

More than 25 years since he played the “world’s cutest kid’ Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and its sequel, the now 35-year-old Macaulay stars in a dark online send-up.

In the viral R-rated YouTube clip below he portrays a bearded, chain-smoking Kevin who picks up a passenger for an Uber-like car service.

When his mother calls, a clearly traumatised Kevin unloads a deep-seated rant about when his family carelessly left him behind as they ditched town for a week-long Christmas holiday.

“It’s fu*king Christmas, and your whole family goes on vacation and they forget their eight-year-old fu*king son,” he says to the shocked passenger.

“All by yourself in the house for a week. I had to fend off my house from two psychopath home invaders. I was just a kid.

“I still have nightmares about this bald weirdo dude chasing me around, talking like Yosemite Sam. They remembered my bastard of a brother but they forget me, the cutest fu*king eight-year-old in the universe.”

Things quickly go downhill from there when a homeless vagrant hijacks the car.

Macaulay Culkin Revisits 'Home Alone' In Viral Video

Channeling the resourceful skills that won him so many fans all those years ago, Kevin uses a host of makeshift weapons to disarm the car robber and wrap him up in a basement.

It’s not the first time Macaulay has been in a viral YouTube sensation. This time two years ago he starred in a parody of the documentary 66 Scenes From America, which featured Andy Warhol eating a burger.

More than 2.7 million people watched Mila Kunis’ ex sit at a table eating a slice of pizza – Macaulay is in a parody band called Pizza Underground.

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