Steptember 2017: 500 Staff Come Out In Force For Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser

Steptember 2017: 500 Staff Come Out In Force For Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser

Sarah Harris

Sep 14, 2017

The two are so intertwined, says Shannon Carruth, ING’s manager of community impact, that the Cerebral Palsy Alliance is almost part of the business’s DNA.

But as she proudly tells host Sarah Harris in our exclusive video series to promote the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s major annual fundraiser, few events create the buzz of Steptember, which invites participants to take at least 10,000 steps, or the equivalent of, a day for 28 days straight.

ING has already chipped in more $300,000 from Steptember sponsorship over the years, and this year’s event looks set to bolster that tally by a considerable margin.

Of the 1000 staff at ING Direct, Shannon says more than 500 have already registered their participation in the challenge, which runs from September 4 to October 1.

Making every step count

“We’ve been in it since the beginning and every year it grows, so Steptember has become an annual event that the staff really look forward to,” says Shannon.

“The steppers are really competitive, and they’re all striving to get the most steps and climb those virtual mountains.

“And then you have the fundraisers who are doing bake sales, trivia nights and selling raffle tickets to really get the dollars up. So, it creates a real great atmosphere and vibe in the office.”

To help the staff achieve the daily challenge goal of 10,000 steps – the average office worker only takes around 3000 – Shannon says ING organises special events.

“We have yoga classes and this year we’re looking at having bikes that blend smoothies, different fun activities.

“We also just try and inspire our staff to cycle to work or organise a run, so it’s a great team-building activity and a lot of great fun. But also for a great cause.

Shannon and all the ING staff is involved in Steptember campaign by Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
Shannon and all the ING staff is involved in Steptember campaign by Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Shannon also tells Sarah that for the last 10 years about a dozen staff have mentored teens with cerebral palsy as part of the Ignition Mentoring Program.

“As part of that program they go away to Thredbo for a week so young people can challenge themselves to ski, that’s a major physical challenge for them,” says Shannon.

“But it’s also one that our mentors are able to support them through. So, our volunteer mentors have had a real personal connection to Cerebral Palsy Alliance and that helps drive their willingness to fundraise and participate in Steptember.”

ING involves all their staff for Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser

To register your company’s support, and for more details on this worthy cause, visit www.steptember.org.au.

Your Steptember kit, consisting of a pedometer, lanyard and booklet, will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Every dollar you, or our company raises, will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Or, you can choose to raise funds for ground-breaking research into the prevention and maybe even one day a cure.

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