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Karin Adcock Halliday Wine Companion
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Mar 02, 2024

Queen Mary may be the first woman many think of when relations between Denmark and Australia come to mind. But another fabulous female comes in at a close second. With a remarkable track record of success across diverse industries, the achievements of visionary entrepreneur Karin Adcock are certainly worth raising a glass to. Including her latest win. The short listing of her prized winery for Best New Winery in the 2024 Halliday Wine Companion.

A Pandora’s Box of achievements

Hailing from Denmark, Karin was a winner of Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour in recognition of outstanding services to trade relations between Denmark and Australia, 2009. And, first gained prominence for her role in introducing Pandora Jewellery to the Australian market. Despite initial skepticism, she demonstrated remarkable business acumen and charisma. And, propelled the brand to unprecedented heights of success in Australia and globally. Under her leadership, Pandora became a household name. Achieving remarkable sales figures and solidifying its position as a leading jewelry brand.

From Scandinavia to the centre of wine tourism

Karin’s entrepreneurial journey took a new turn when she set her sights on the wine industry. Acquiring an iconic but neglected vineyard in the Hunter Valley, Australia’s renowned wine region, she embarked on a mission to transform it into a world class wine tourism destination.

“After eight intense years building up Pandora in the Australian & New Zealand market, I was looking at my next passion project.” Karin said, “In 2016 I came across the former Pooles Rock Property in Broke and ended up falling in love with it and bought it initially as a place for family and friends to enjoy.”

With her characteristic dedication and attention to detail, Karin oversaw the revitalisation of the vineyard, rebranding it as Winmark Wines & Art Gallery.

“We named the property “Winmark” – meaning Field of vines in my native Danish.”

Under Karin’s care, Winmark Wines emerged as a beacon of excellence in the wine industry. The winery garnered praise from esteemed critics like James Halliday and earned prestigious accolades. Including being short listed for Best New Winery in the Halliday Wine Companion. Winmark’s wines, particularly its Chardonnays, received widespread acclaim. With all four wines produced by the vineyard receiving impressive ratings in the 90s.

Beyond basic bubbles

Beyond producing exceptional wines, Winmark Wines has also became synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

“I then set out to create ‘A place to Connect’ Initially setting up guest accommodation across the property for up to 26 guests.

“I spent a lot of time and invested heavily in regenerating the historic vineyard to its former glory, and as we started to produce very good quality Chardonnay, we needed a place to sell it. We built a Cellar Door and further evolved the vision of creating the place to connect, later adding a fabulous Sculpture Park and an Art Gallery.”

With Karin’s commitment to excellence extending to every aspect of the estate – from the meticulously maintained vineyards to the opulent accommodations and recreational amenities.

Karin’s vision and leadership propelled Winmark Wines to new heights of success, earning the coveted title of Hunter Valley Cellar Door of the Year. This prestigious recognition underscores Karin’s unwavering dedication to excellence. And, her ability to create immersive experiences that captivated wine enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

“The property has evolved with the time and the visitation, as we have become more known for our quality offerings. We have now added a coffee cart, a beautiful Gift boutique and a new large alfresco area so we can host milestone lunches and small weddings. In 2023 we became Hunter Valley Cellar Door of the Year and that has certainly increased our visitation too,” says Karin.

As Winmark Wines continues to thrive, Karin’s entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring business leaders. With her relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative spirit, and keen eye for opportunity, Karin Adcock has truly cemented her legacy as a visionary entrepreneur. And is certainly nothing to “wine” about!


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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