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A Fashionista, Designer And Art Expert Discuss The Art Of Living

Scarlett Vespa
When she turned 40, Scarlett Zola Vespa began searching for a spiritual and physical balance.
How do we live a life where we enjoy the beauty offered in our physical world and the depth of understanding that runs deeper than the eye?” pondered the brand expert and advocate for women.
To help apply that philosophy to the ‘art of living’, Scarlett sat down with fashion expert Nancy Pilcher, ex-editorial director of Conde Nast Asia-Pacific, art expert Tim Olsen, co-owner of the Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney, and interior designer Mickey Robertson, who owns the gorgeous Glenmore House on the edge of Sydney.
“It’s a balance between being surrounded by things that are very beautiful. For me it’s very much about bringing the garden inside and being surrounded by things that pretty much all have a story attached to them,” believes Mickey.
“It’s about the really important things in life that spill out into the materialistic.”
Tim says art is a way by which one adds substance to their environment, and affords us a way to engage with another level of thought that does have an element of truth with it.
He believes that the art that we identify often teaches us more about ourselves than the artist in regard to how we interact with things.
Nancy says her secret to the ‘art of living’ is to surround yourself with passionate people and projects that inspire.
“Passion is what drives everyone and motivates them to be better than they are.”
The Carousel would like to thank Scarlett Zola Vespa, Editor-In-Chief of the inspirational website The Style Of Mrs V for her video. 

Written by TheCarousel

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