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May 29, 2017

In need of a little pep talk from inspirational Australian leaders who are at the top of their game?

You’ve come to the right place.

We gathered a select group of stirring visionaries for the second series of Game Changers, hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris: dual international sports star Ellyse Perry, The Savvy Shopaholic herself Jo Munro, world-renowned pharmacist Gai Williams, psychotherapist and author Dr Karen Phillip, and stock market gurus Darren Stephens and Basil Nuredini.

Ellyse Perry – international sports star

In her podcast, cricket and soccer international Ellyse Perry opens up about what’s behind the surge of interest in women’s sport, the disparity in pay with her male counterparts, and her message for youngsters hoping to follow in her footsteps.

To listen to the full interview just click on the play button below.

Gai Williams – pharmacist and author

International author and leading pharmacist Gai Williams believes too many colleagues in the medical profession are misinforming distraught Aussie mums desperate for help.

The co-founder of miracle herbal cure Wilby’s Wind & Colic Mix says doctors need to listen closer to those at their wits end over their baby’s crying – and consider that infantile colic could be the root of the problem.

To learn more about Gai’s inspiring message of hope for mums all over Australia, click on the play button below.

Dr Karen Phillip

In her inspiring podcast below, Dr Karen Phillip opens up to host Sarah Harris about how hypnotherapy helped her make a miraculous recovery from a medical emergency.

Dr Phillip, who has also recently launched a virtual hypnotherapy service to help with everything from weight-loss to quitting smoking, says we all have an amazing innate ability to manage ourselves. Using the virtual platform enables people everywhere to use the beneficial therapeutic sessions to heal, recover and become empowered again.

Darren Stephens and Basil Nuredini – investment gurus

After collaborating on hit book Less Risk, More Reward, Melbourne lawyer-turned author Basil Nuredini and publishing icon Darren Stephens always knew they wanted to work together again.

But this time they wanted to raise the bar on the lessons dished out in their hit self-help tome – and deliver a more direct path to wealth for their legions of disciples.

The answer came in the form of Trading Room Pro, a ground-breaking online tool to help stock market rookies grow their nest-eggs.

Click on the play button below to find out more.

Jo Munro – The Savvy Shopaholic

When it comes to spotting shopping bargains, no one knows how to get more bang for your buck than our own resident Savvy Shopaholic.

The Carousel readers have been cashing in on the columnist’s every deal-saving word for months, and Jo is also the go-to expert for a slew of national TV and radio shows.

Find out more, and all the insider details about her exciting new jewellery line, in the podcast below.

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