Stylist Donny Galella Celebrates Australian Superwomen By Pampering Them

Donny Galella
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Sep 24, 2021

Here at The Carousel, we love giving a shout out to inspirational people and good initiatives, especially ones with heart. So when we heard about stylist Donny Galella‘s idea to give back to those women who are the ones doing the giving, we wanted to share it with you.

You see it’s your chance to nominate someone to be pampered. So far, just four weeks into the launch of Pampered with Purpose, the initiative has received hundreds of nominations from across the country. 

We may be in the midst of the most challenging times as a country, but that hasn’t broken the spirits of our communities and those who are generously giving back during this time.

Pampered with Purpose founder and TV personality Donny Galella (feature image) says: “As a society, our ideas about what makes a role model and our approach to which celebrities we support has become skewed, now more than ever this needs to be corrected.

“Instead of influencers that plug random products, I want to shine a light on women with purpose and passion. Women who go above and beyond, women who would make stellar role models for my nieces.”

This is your chance to have your mum, sister, friend, co-worker, or community member have a makeover experience with a team of expert stylists that have been designed to make them feel appreciated, not change their appearance. Or a curated pamper pack delivered to their front door as COVID restrictions apply. 

For now, we would love to introduce to you the first few ladies who were celebrated for their ongoing dedication to the community with the help of our sponsors. In the very first wave of Pampered with Purpose packs went to the special women below.

Judith nominated by Stella

Judith, Pampered With Purpose

Both ladies run a charity in Sydney called Plates4mates which was started about four years ago by two of the committee members, Sandy and Paula.

Each week they cook meals, bake, provide clothing and pantry items and set up a welcoming, safe place to distribute these items at 4.30pm every Sunday. As a self-funded initiative, it is incredible to me that they cater for about 70-100 people every week without fail. Plus another 30 people receive goods from a volunteer cart for those that don’t feel comfortable lining up.

In the nomination written by fellow Plates4mates volunteer Stella, she expressed her admiration of Judith saying, “she is the heart and soul, our silent champion. She cooks delicious home meals and her happy personality makes her a favourite among the people we try and help.”

I was so humbled by her volunteer efforts and the long-term, judgment-free support she provides to so many people going through a difficult time.

Annette nominated by Lauren


Annette has been a nurse for over 30 years and since the start of the COVID vaccination rollout, she has been working long hours, taking only one day off a fortnight to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

She is working at St Vincent’s Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital so has been right in the thick of the Sydney clusters, even putting her own health at risk, especially at the beginning.

Prior to this, she was a Covid Contact Tracer, a school nurse, a vaccination nurse and worked at St Vincent’s Hospital for 20 years. As well as helping so many Sydneysiders, she is also a wonderful mum and Grandma.

My heart was so full and humbled when I met Annette, who is deserving of many more special moments that celebrate her hard work.

Elena nominated by Sandra

Pampered with Purpose

Elena is a wife, a mother of three plus the director of a family business. She also founded the Fred Liuzzi Foundation, a not-for-profit charity organisation that works with health professionals, patients, carers and survivors to reduce the impact of Rare Neuromuscular Disease on the Australian community.

The Fred Liuzzi Foundation was created following the death of Elena’s father and has helped hundreds of families over the years. She goes above and beyond in all aspects of her life, never asking for anything in return.

As a selfless member of our community, I was so happy to receive her nomination and curate a Pamper Pack to say ‘thank you for all you do.’

Nominate a person

Do you know someone who is an agent for positive change at your work, school, home or community?Donny would love to hear from you! Nominations are still open and can be filled out here.

Donny has given a special thanks to sponsors Big W, Model Co, MCO Beauty, Morphe Brushes, Green and Blacks, iS Clinical, Grow Haircare, Colgate, Palmolive, imPRESS nails, Jackie Mack Designs, Lindt Chocolate, Hollywood Fashion Secrets and HM&M PR. 

If you are a brand that would like to take part in Pampered with Purpose please get in touch with Donny here.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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