Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together

Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together1
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Apr 28, 2016

If you missed all the action, here’s how it all unfolded as the three remaining couples revealed where they finally stood in their experimental ‘marriages’.

Simone and Xavier

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Poor Simone just couldn’t be convinced that Xavier would love her as much as his hair, despite the initial chemistry on their ‘wedding day’.

Even Xavier had to admit the relationship “lacked intimacy”, but added “that’s just who I am”.

“I think Xavier is aware that our relationship isn’t perfect but I think he’s oblivious to just how important some things that I’ve mentioned are for me in this relationship,” Simone said before delivering the final blow.

“I want somebody who is excited when I walk in that door. And I want somebody who genuinely wants to hold me not because they feel that they have to but because they genuinely just want to hold me.

“So today, I’m so clear in my decision that I’m going to walk away from this relationship.”

Added a clearly upset Xavier: “I think it’s just a matter of me taking a step back and, hopefully, bettering myself for the future ahead.”

Xavier said Simone had helped him “grow up” and that she was “absolutely amazing”.

Mark and Christie

Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Still Together2

Before their big decision, Christie, who initially felt no attraction to Mark, said if he didn’t want to continue their relationship she would be “crushed”.

“When someone’s so beautiful on the inside, it just… it grows. But as I’m getting to know him, I just think he’s absolutely b****y adorable,” said a smitten Christie, who was starting to see a future with Mark.

When Mark arrived for the big reveal he explained how important the farm was to him and that he was liking the direction his life was going before Christie.

“It feels like if I go one way, I lose Christie. If I go the other way, I have the life I wanted but I don’t have Christie, so it’s very tough,” said a teary Mark.

But Christie needn’t have worried – in the end Mark went with his heart.

“You are an amazing person, but… I can’t let you go, either. I want us to give it a go,’ Mark said, after Christie revealed she was 100 percent on board too.

Two months on from filming, the pair admit they went back to their normal lives but they are still together and going backwards and forwards between Sydney and Melbourne.

Erin and Bryce

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Erin said she was “definitely worried” that their relationship could “end over kids”. He wanted them, she made it blatantly clear, she didn’t.

But on decision day she said after a lot of reflection that she would “really love” to continue their relationship.

And Bryce put Erin’s fears to rest immediately.

“I’m glad that you say that because I want to continue, as well,” Bryce said.

“The whole kids thing, it was definitely something that flagged on my radar because family is very important for me. At the end of the day, that stuff will come when it comes… And when you moved out the other day I was so sad and that’s when I knew that I wanted to still continue.”

And two months on, despite their lives completely changing, they are still as happy as ever.

“Starting a new relationship on top of all that [moving and a new job] was a crazy thing to do. But sometimes crazy pays off… because Erin and I are still together,” Bryce said.

Clare and Jono

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The first casualties, as reported here by The Carousel weeks earlier, also made a brief appearance in the finale.

“It did highlight the fact that, at times, I can be a bit condescending,” admitted Clare, who is now a qualified Uber driver.

“It did also highlight, I think, as well, that I am someone who… can be a real know-it-all, which, ironically, I kind of already knew.”

Jono said he felt as though he was one of Clare’s rescue dogs.

“She adopts these dogs that need her. She trains them up and is so caring and loving, and awesome in that aspect. But I’m not one of your dogs.”


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