Selling Sunset Secrets: Tips for Buying a Home and Making it Look Luxe

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Emma Crameri

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 17, 2021

Selling Sunset is one of those guilty pleasures I love watching on Netflix. I lust after the fashion and enjoy peeking insides the amazing houses with views of the Hollywood sunset. Of course, there’s always drama, work issues and cute small dogs.

We chatted with some of Selling Sunset’s stars to find out some of their secrets behind buying and selling houses:

Los Angeles

Interview with Mary Fitzgerald from Selling Sunset

Mary Fitzgerald offers her best tips for snagging your dream home: 

“Hire the right agent: This is by far the most important! It’s essential to make sure your real estate agent has experience in the area and knows your wants and needs.”

“Do your research: They always say in real estate that location is everything! If you are new to the area, make sure to reach out to people to know what you’re getting into.”

“Act fast: It’s crazy out there, especially in today’s market! If you find something that hits everything on your checklist, put in an offer ASAP. And don’t be afraid to go over the asking price!”

“Walk the neighbourhood: If you are thinking about purchasing a house, try and spend half of the day in the neighbourhood. Maybe go on a few walks, get a bite to eat, etc. This can help you really envision moving and seeing if it’s the right place for you.” 

“Think long term: Investment, investment, investment! It’s always smart to look in up-and-coming areas, that way you will be sure your home will appreciate in value, which means more money for you when you sell!”

How the Right Lighting Can Transform Your Home4

5 Easy Design Tips to Spruce Up Your Dream Home

If you’re already living in a great house or starter place, then decorating your space to make it your own can make a big difference. Here’s some ideas on making it your dream home.

Amanza Smith of Selling Sunset offers her helpful tips and recommendations for designing and decorating your new space to make it your own: 

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint.
  • Add a new hanging light or chandelier. 
  • Go neutral on the main furniture such as a sofa and go wild instead with pillows, rugs, and accessories that are less expensive to swap out if you decide to change the vibe.
  • Framed art rather than unframed prints always looks richer! You can even frame things you print off the computer.
  • Always test paint colours on the wall in the room before committing to painting the whole wall because the light in the room and even floor colour will make it look different than the swatch.

Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix. Season 3 has a release date of 7 August 2021.

Viceroy Santa Monica, Los Angeles: Hollywood Haven With Burlesque Empress Dita Von Teese
Viceroy Santa Monica, Los Angeles: Hollywood Haven With Burlesque Empress Dita Von Teese

About Selling Sunset

Luxe real estate. Major drama. The top real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group are back! Selling Sunset, a Netflix reality series set in the world of LA’s high-end real estate, follows seven of the city’s most successful female realtors who all work under the same roof at the #1 agency in the Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip. They work hard and play harder, as they compete with the cutthroat LA market and each other. These ladies will do what it takes to make it to the top of their game, all while trying to keep their personal lives intact. This season, the ladies deal with even more mind-blowing mansions, shocking new romances, and explosive truths that will change their lives, relationships and careers forever. Welcome to Selling Sunset. https://www.netflix.com/


By Emma Crameri

Lifestyle Writer

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