Sasha Spills Secrets About The Bachelorette Sam!

Sasha Spills Secrets About The Bachelorette Sam!
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Nov 09, 2015

Speaking in a candid interview before partner Sam Frost’s 2Day FM debut, a candid Sasha Mielzcarek spilled the beans to breakfast co-host Rove McManus about what makes her tick.

Firstly, he says make sure Sam takes out the mouth-guard retainer she sleeps with before going on air.

The lisp may be cute at home, but the construction manager fears the listeners may not find it so endearing.

Sasha Spills Secrets The Bachelorette Sam 1

Secondly, he tells Rove to always keep a safe distance from her as Sam has a tendency to flail her arms around like a mad woman when getting a point across.

“She’s caught me off guard a couple of times and got me in the chops,” he warns Rove.

But above all else, he says to make sure Sam has her morning coffee fix: two scoops of instant, a dollop of milk and two sugars.

“Do not attempt to talk to Sam if she hasn’t had her coffee yet,” he implores. “If not, you’re going to get the full wrath.”

“The wrath of Frost!” Rove exclaimed, before adding, “She’s like a little hummingbird”.

“Yeah she is, and she’s very aggressive,” Sasha confirmed.

Rove’s wife Tasma Walton joined the fun too with a few secrets for Sam about her husband.

She warned Sam to never talk about Dr Who or she’d be bombarded “with a labyrinth of names you’d wish you didn’t have to hear” – luckily Sam had never heard of Britain’s most famous TV export.

Sasha Spills Secrets The Bachelorette Sam 2

Tasma also cautioned about Rove’s love of deodorant – “he wears it like perfume” – and his habit of going off on annoying tangents when telling a story.

But it was Sam herself who spilled the biggest secret of all while on air, giddy with excitement after a successful radio debut that included an interview with Coldplay singer Chris Martin.

Toward the end of a romantic whale-watching date with runner-up Michael Turnbull, Sam admits she wet her pants as they were disembarking.

“I was very tired, it’d been long days. We were out filming for about six hours probably,” explained Sam.

“I drank some water beforehand to take my sea sick tablets. But there was no bathroom on the boat.”

Giggling as she carried on with her story, Sam confessed that as she jumped off the boat, she suffered an unexpected leak.

A stunned Rove asked in disbelief: “Surely, was it like when you sneeze sometimes and you can’t control it?’

Confessing that the mishap was a little more serious, Sam said: “No I actually wet my pants.”


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