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Runaway Bride: Why Married At First Sight’s Lauren Had To Bolt

Runaway Bride Lauren is set to finally clear the air when she fronts on Married At First Sight again tonight.

But a growing number of reports are saying that a sulking Andrew has only got himself to blame for the single mum leaving him high and dry on the hit Channel Nine series.

New Idea reported the couple had “explosive fights” and Lauren refused to go on their honeymoon to Thailand.

“She thought he was arrogant and rude, and didn’t even want to be in the same room as him, never mind on a romantic trip away,” a friend of Lauren tells the magazine.

Bride Lauren didn't stick around

After their wedding reception they were seen kissing at their hotel, before going out for a drink together.

It is then that things took a turn for the worse, with Woman’s Day reporting Andrew started a “war of words with security” at a Bondi establishment.

“He’d clearly had too much to drink,” an anonymous security guard confides to Woman’s Day.

“When I refused him entry, he got agitated.”

In an interview with The Fix, Andrew says he didn’t believe he did anything wrong to cause his bride to flee.

While one of the shows psychologists John Aiken attributes Lauren’s disappearance to feeling “overwhelmed”, the blindsided groom is adamant he saw no sign of that.

Andrew was thrilled with his new bride

Andrew did venture his theories on her shock disappearance, saying he suspected he wasn’t her “ideal look”, and that may have played a role in her decision to go AWOL, leaving all her belongings in their hotel room.

“She does like tall guys. I go between 5-foot-11-and-three-quarters and 6-foot. In heels, she would tower over me,” he says.

Meanwhile, Lauren, 33, who has a 11-year-old son Dylan with her ex-husband, has reportedly already moved on with someone else since the show ended.

According to New Idea, Lauren is dating a single father named Jake, who has twins of his own.

“Lauren loves spending time with his kids and they adore her too – she says they are her ‘Brady Bunch’,” a friend tells the publication.

Written by James Graham

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