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Ruby Rose Stands Proud For LGBTQ

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Her Depression Battle5

Now Ruby Rose is winning hearts again with her new roles in the action flicks xXx:The Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter Two and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. And let’s not forget Batwoman.

 1 Ruby Rose Stands Proud For LGBTQ
Ruby Rose filming xXx:The Return of Xander Cage

But more than that she’s been leading the ways for stronger representation of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) characters in Hollywood films and TV shows, something she recalls was once a rarity but can se that this is now changing with more diverse roles being offered.

“I think what they’re doing right is that more and more I’m seeing gay, lesbian, trans, gender-fluid people on mainstream media and films,” she recently told Refinery 29. “I’m reading scripts coming through with gay characters and lesbian characters and I think that’s amazing. I think that really strong people are coming out and telling their story. I think that it’s unbelievable.”

The 34-year-old Aussie actress was also recognised for her contribution to the LGBT community with one of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards after winning the top awards at the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards in Los Angeles.

The actress was also recently named the newest spokesperson for the beauty brand Urban Decay. With perfectly bold brows, a razor sharp black cat eye and a frosty pink lip that we need right now, Ruby shared her first campaign image with Urban Decay on her Instagram.

Ruby Rose Stands Proud For LGBTQ
Ruby Rose x Urban Decay

Speaking about her partnership with the brand, Ruby said: “Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression— two values I hold very dear— because everyone deserves the freedom to explore their personality and discover their true selves.”

Urban Decay is famous for their amazing eye palettes, and recently released the beauty lovers’ dream collection with Gwen Stefani. From eyeshadows and blushes to Gwen’s signature red lips.


We can’t wait to see what Ruby will come up with.

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