PR Guru Lynne Franks Talks About The Hit TV Show Ab Fab Inspired By Her

First Look At Ab Fab Big Screen Reboot
Rob Goldstone


Oct 11, 2020

Lynne Franks is the world’s best known PR guru. She is the inspiration for AbFab’s Edina Monsoon, having famously once told its creator and client Jennifer Saunders: “I’m chanting as we speak.”

Saunders says she based the uber fabulous Edina on Franks, and although this PR powerhouse was non too pleased in how she was portrayed in the series at the beginning, and in fact refused a guest part on one episode, she now loves it, and totally embraces her inner AbFab.

First Look At Ab Fab Big Screen Reboot
Absolutely Fabulous

In Rob Goldstone’s latest podcast interview, he talks with Franks about her work as not just a publicist and a TV celebrity, but her all important work as a women’s empowerment advocate. 
From creating London Fashion Week, to best selling author of The Seed Handbook, to the jungle of television’s “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” Lynne Franks has been on the zeitgeist of popular culture for decades, so let’s all enjoy an episode of Absolute Fabulosity.


By Rob Goldstone


In 2012, Rob Goldstone - who holds Australian citizenship - began representing Russian pop star Emin as his worldwide manager. Rob was instrumental in helping bring the 2013 Miss Universe to Moscow, where Emin also performed to an international viewing audience of over one billion people. Rob’s debut book, Pop Stars, Pageants & Presidents: How an Email Trumped My Life, details how he found himself caught up in the RussiaGate investigation. He now hosts a podcast series “An Englishman In…” - which has already charted at #1 on the Apple Podcast Entertainment Charts in three countries.



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