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Oprah Returns Down Under

Oprah Returns Down Under For A Five City Tour

The 61-year-old television star has kept herself busy – producing films, touring the globe, publishing a bestseller and continuing to build the mega brand that is Oprah Winfrey – since her 2010 Ultimate Australian Adventure.

Fortunately for us, Mamma O – as she is affectionately called by millions – was so captivated by Australia that she knew she would have to come back sooner than later.

She recently confessed “I have been saying since I left Australia that I wanted to get back”.


Oprah outside the Opera House in 2010.

On her last visit Winfrey was accompanied by 320 of perhaps the luckiest of studio guests to ever attend a taping of her popular TV show. She flew them all from America to join her on tour.

She also left her mark in the hearts and minds of many devoted Australian fans – and oh yes, she also left her imprint on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with an illuminated giant red trademark ‘O’ for the broadcast of her Sydney special.

But this time around, Oprah is doing it alone – well almost, we can only assume there is an entourage that accompanies the megastar wherever she goes.

Headlined as An Evening With Oprah, this second tour is all about connecting with her Aussie fans.

Each night, Oprah will take to the stage for 90 minutes bringing her personal story and insights to life.

And for the 15,000-plus fans that attend a show they are promised a “one-of-a-kind intimate evening”.


From a childhood of abuse and poverty in Mississippi, Oprah has risen to be one of the most successful businesswoman the world has ever seen.

The first black female billionaire is also credited with creating a more intimate, confessional and engaging form of media communication that has inspired the likes of Ellen Degeneres and Tyra Banks, among many others.

The five city arena tour kicks off on December 2 in Melbourne. Oprah then heads to Adelaide (December 4), Perth (December 7), Brisbane (December 10) and finishes up in Sydney (December 12).

Tickets are still available at

By Kirsty Holyman

Written by TheCarousel

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