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Gymnast Sophina DeJesus Sends Internet Into Frenzy

She got the nearly perfect score of 9.925 which helps her team to triumph against Utah and rightly receives a standing ovation from an audience completely under her spell.

What really sets her apart from her rivals are the hip-hop moves she executes with perfection.

Sophina’s electric personality literally shines through her show and turns the very quiet stadium into a massive dance-floor/concert hall.

During her innovative routine, the bold gymnast makes multiple hip-hop references to “Quan”, “Migo”,”Dab” and “whip”.

Although she only places fourth in the competition, Sophina is a resounding winner on YouTube – at the time of writing, this clip had already been viewed by more than five million fans.

The former actress and dancer is already well known in the US, and it is not her first attempt at blending traditional gymnastics with a hip-hop routine.

She performed on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show and appeared in the Missy Elliot rapper movie clip.

We’re betting you’ll be seeing a lot more of her again after this. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Until then, you can follow her on Instagram 

Check out her amazing show right below:

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