Coldplay’s Chris Martin Stars In Latest Carpool Karaoke

Coldplays Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke
Millie Constable

Feb 04, 2016

Chris and James kick off the karaoke with Adventures of A Lifetime and then move on to Coldplay’s signature hit Yellow before chatting about the Super Bowl.

Chris and Coldplay headline the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl on February 8 (Australia time), alongside pop sensation Beyonce, who is rumoured to be expecting her second baby.

After Chris reveals to James what musicians he looks up to, he then whips out his mini keyboard and the pair shock us with some flawless harmonies!

Chris doesn’t just showcase his seriously angelic voice, he also reveals his talent in doing celebrity impressions.

Full of pit-stops, harmonies, dress-ups and sugar-highs, this video will surely give you a good 15-minute laugh! We don’t want to spoil the end, but hint: it involves Chris, James, pyjamas and a bed.


By Millie Constable

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