5 Must-See Summer Films

5 Must-See Summer Films Coming Soon
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Dec 15, 2015


Who’s in it: Original cast members Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher – The Force is still strong in this trio!

What’s it about: Thirty years after defeating the Galactic Empire, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his allies face a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and his army of Stormtroopers.

Why go: Perhaps the most anticipated film this summer because of a blanket ban on early screenings, the return of the original stars, and the fact creator George Lucas has handed over the Millennium Falcon to acclaimed sci-fi genius, writer-director J.J. Abrams for a reboot. Still not convinced? The summer’s hottest ticket is even influencing makeup this season – click here for more.

When it starts: December 17, 2015.



Who’s in it: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro

What’s it about: A wild story of a family across four generations and centred on Joy, a woman who founds a business dynasty. In this intense emotional and human comedy, she explores the rocky journey of becoming a true boss of family and enterprise.

Why go: If Jennifer and Bradley have half the chemistry they had in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, it’ll be worth the ticket price alone. Add in the comedy, drama and stress of balancing family around building a business and it sounds like a winner to us.

When it starts: December 26, 2015.



Who’s in it: Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Whishaw, Meryl Streep, Brendan Gleeson, and Anne-Marie Duff

What’s it about: The remarkable story of the real foot soldiers of the Suffragette movement. These women were not from the genteel educated classes, they were working women who had seen peaceful protest achieve nothing. Radicalised and turning to violence as the only route to change, they were willing to put everything on the line in their fight for equality.

Why go: See the roots of feminism take hold in the Suffragette movement, a heart-breaking and inspirational story played out by an all-star cast.

When it starts: December 26, 2015.



Who’s in it: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

What’s it about: Two disconnected sisters return to their family home to clean out their childhood bedrooms before their parents put the house on the market. Looking to recapture their glory days, they throw one final high-school-style party.

Why go: It sounds like a good old chaotic, riotous party that will have us in stitches.

When it starts: January 7, 2016.



Who’s in it: Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning, and Diane Lane

What’s it about: In 1947, Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), Hollywood’s top screenwriter was jailed for his political beliefs with nine other artists, later known as the ‘Hollywood Ten’. Undeterred, Dalton used words and wit to win two Academy Awards and expose injustice under the blacklist.

Why go: This is the first film to show the true events of 1947 where 10 of Hollywood’s stars were condemned for Contempt of Congress.

When it starts: December 26, 2015.

By Hannah Lising-White


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