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Champion Netballers Join Role Model Campaign

Champion Netballers Join Role Model Campaign1

Electronics giant Samsung has recruited five leading players to spread their inspiring stories to help young girls find the confidence to be who they are and strive for greater goals.

Champion Netballers Join Role Model Campaign2

“The image I want to portray is about being yourself and not trying to fit in,” explains NSW Swifts defender Sharni Layton, who is joined by Caitlyn Bassett, Laura Geitz, Paige Hadley and Kim Ravaillion in the role model drive.

“I think especially during younger years we’re all wanting to belong and all wanting to fit in with one another and sometimes we hide who we really are to be able to do that.

“But just by letting your personality shine … you’ll find the people who do (like you) and you’ll get along with them.”

The campaign revolves around a ‘mini-series’ of video clips highlighting the players’ personal battles including losing family members, injury, body issues and sacrifice.

Samsung says it saw a chance to raise the profile of netball and its players while delivering stories and role models that resonate with people.

“We saw a huge opportunity with netball in Australia where we believe Samsung can play a role in growing the sport and championing its athletes,” says Samsung’s head of corporate brand Holly Adams.

“That’s why we’re not only sponsoring the Diamonds, Firebirds and Swifts but also engaging netball at a grassroots level. Our sponsorship of netball is more than our brand on the uniform, signage at games and tickets.

“This is why we have created the Rethink Role Models campaign.

“Through Rethink Role Models, we hope to remind Australians about the positive impact that sport and good role models can have on our lives.

“The netballers who feature in our campaign have incredible stories to tell of overcoming adversity, sacrifice and determination. These are stories that all Australians can relate to.”

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