Beyonce Fans Crazy In Love With Her Melbourne ‘House’

Beyonce Fans Crazy In Love With Her Melbourne 'House'

A spokesperson for realtor Nelson Alexander says there’s been an endless stream of fans posing up for pics since news broke that the Brunswick home Queen Bey used for her No Angel video is on the market.

Some of the more audacious are even making a grab for the ‘For Sale’ sign to add to their Beyoncé memorabilia.

Beyonce Fans Crazy In Love With Her Melbourne 'House'

With so much fan fuss, the spokesperson says no one will really know how many genuine buyers are out there until the auction on February 27.

But one thing is for sure, whomever does land Beyonce’s ‘house’ will need more in the budget than the estimated $500,000 price tag for the rundown cottage.

Although in a “unique” and trendy area, the two-bedroom weatherboard at 20 Bleith Street is in dire need of a head-to-toe renovation.

Beyonce Fans Crazy In Love With Her Melbourne 'House'

Current owner Jeanette Meadows, 82, has since moved on but has her fingers crossed that she’ll pocket more than the reported $300 she was paid on Beyonce’s last visit.

Beyonce was in town for a concert when her entourage hired Jeanette’s home to finish the exterior scenes to No Angel at the 11th hour.

Jeanette’s confused reaction at the time made international headlines.

“I didn’t know who it was, I thought it was somebody’s fiancé,” she said.

“But that’s how you pronounce her name? What is she, French or something, or what?”

The real estate agent also admits to being caught off-guard at first by the celebrity connection when the house was listed.

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But the Beyoncé factor is now front and centre in all its marketing.

“The iconic facade of this charming Edwardian weatherboard – most notably the scene of pop megastar Beyonce’s 2013 ‘No Angel’ video clip – introduces a two bedroom home in desperate need of loving restoration to its former glory.”

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