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Augie Using AI To Change How We Buy Glasses For Children


Parents and creators of Augie, Scott and Lana Arnold have designed a new range of stylish glasses for kids that uses interactive Augmented Reality technology to make the process of choosing the right pair simple yet ground-breaking.

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According to YouGov, one in six Aussie children require glasses in order to see properly with one in four living with an undiagnosed eye condition. Many kids don’t want glasses in fear of it not looking “cool”. Lana Arnold, the co-founder of augie said “when we first started searching for the right frames, we couldn’t believe how bleak the options were: gimmicky, superheroes (so much Spiderman) and plain frames.” Augie provides kids with options that not only help them see the world clearer but also make them feel good when they wear them.

“For our kids who need to wear glasses it is just a normal part of their lives and when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create it,”

added Lana Arnold, Co-Founder of augie

Augie being an online business, they’ve implemented interactive augmented reality that essentially lets your kids try on their selected frames before buying them. All parents need to do is follow @augieeyewear on Instagram or Facebook, add the augie filter and get your kids trying out their favourite pairs.

This also means that parents won’t have to go out to optical frames stores during Coronavirus outbreak.

More information about augie:

  • Designs are classic and timeless in style and fun in colour
  • 2 sizes in the range – 3-7 year and 8-13 years
  • Kid-friendly features include silicone tips for easy adjustments at homeby a parent and flexi-spring hinges giving them flexibility
  • augie eyewear is made using cellulose acetate which is great forsensitive skin and every pair is hand-polished
  • A range of 7 styles from fun colours – French Blue, Raspberry, Peach &Coconut and classics – Classic Tortoise, Black and Crystal Clear
  • Frames from $129 and prescription lenses from $49

For more information on augie eyewear visit

Written by Emeric Brard


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