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Why 2021 Is The Year To Begin Your Art Collection!

2021 Is A Great Year To Start Your Art Collection!
2021 Is A Great Year To Start Your Art Collection!

2021 is the perfect time to begin collecting art and certainly an amazing time to support local artists. We spoke to Art Month Sydney Board Member, Rhianna Walcott, on why now’s the time to turn your home into a mini gallery!

Artists And Galleries Need Your Support In 2021 More Than Ever. 

Visit your local commercial gallery or Artist Run Galleries and pick up a beautiful new piece for your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune, either!

These galleries are the main conduit through which contemporary artists make their living. And, like all ecosystems, we need to nurture every level of the art world in order to ensure the survival and health of all involved. By buying artworks directly from galleries or artists, you are contributing to the long term health and vitality of our visual arts culture in Australia – whether you spend $2000 or $20,000!

In 2021, You’re spending more time at home than ever before. 

Our homes are indeed our sanctuaries in 2021, so why not make them more colourful and meaningful? Why not invest in artwork that will bring you joy for years to come. 

You can’t travel overseas so why not spend on art?

Many of us feel stuck and are desperate to travel. Why not take a journey into art, instead? This is what Art Month Sydney is all about!

Researching a new artist, getting to know their practice and understanding their work, finding the perfect piece for your collection is a journey in itself. 

Take advantage of the current tax breaks for small businesses 

The Asset Allowance Measures introduced a year ago, include the ability for small businesses to instantly write off certain new business assets. It is also known as the Instant Artwork Write-Off, and this current tax rule allows many small business the ability to purchase artwork and deduct it on their tax return. However, before you head down this path, ensure you seek independent tax advice from a qualified accountant who can confirm if this rule applies to your personal situation. 

Art Is Easier To Buy Than Ever Before

We need beauty, storytelling, creativity and connection more than ever before. 

If anything the last 12 months have shown us how much we need art and creativity to survive and nourish the human experience. What did we all do during lockdown? Read books, watch films, consume tv, look at art online, listen to music. By taking the leap and buying art right now, you are supporting the artists who underpin our creative industries. The artists who reflect back at us our history, our present reality, our stories and who transport us to new worlds.

Art produced in times of turmoil and extremes often manages to capture moments that have never before been dealt with in art. 

Unique times lead to the creation of powerful and significant works of art, some of which may cost you very little today, but may be worth a great deal of money in years to come.

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