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Ken Drake Shows Off His Mastery As An Animal Photographer

Ken Drake Shows Off His Mastery As An Animal Photographer

Here at The Carousel, we adore animals so when this beautiful coffee table book landed at our desk, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

The book ‘All Animal Beings’ by Ken Drake contains the most exquisitely shot photographs of animals from pets, farmed animals and iconic wildlife.  What makes the shots so striking is that the wildlife featured  in Zoo Studio’s signature style, including their striking black backdrops.

Ken Drake and wife Beck established Zoo Studio in 2006, specialising in animal art photography. Ken’s understanding of animal manners, body language and knowing how to bring out the best in his furry subjects, is what sets Zoo Studios apart.

Ken Drake Picture Animal photography
Ken Drake Picture

All Animal Beings tugs at the heart strings as you witness a diverse group of creatures in a new light, as seen through the lens of this highly awarded master photographer and animal specialist who captures his subject in a unique way.

It’s also a perfect Christmas present for any photography aficionados who will appreciate the skill that has gone into producing this stunning book.

Ken Drake Pictures
Superb animal photographer Ken Drake, the master

Readers are invited to engage and explore many questions relating to mankind’s relationship with animals through Ken’s photographs, for instance: Why are dogs considered a man’s best friend? Why can cats be so aloof? Why is it ok for us to eat some animals, but not others? Is it only domesticated animals that are smart, or does our wildlife have special abilities, too?

Zoo Studio is passionate about helping animals in need and has worked with many charities since Zoo Studio was born. The launch of Zoo Studio Foundation has helped to provide a greater focus on raising funds by utilising photography and business skills for charities that can’t necessarily do it all themselves.

All Animal Beings retails at all good book shops for $49.99.

Click here to buy it.

Written by TheCarousel

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