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Amy Poehler On Why Sleeping With Tina Fey Is A Mistake

Amy Poehler On Why Sleeping With Tina Fey Is A Mistake

But not Amy Poehler, the down-to-earth star of new comedy Sisters, which opens in Australia on January 7.

She’s quick-witted and well deserving of her high school moniker ‘Crazy Amy’ as she continues raving about life in L.A.

“The topography and the weather always feel like I’m on vacation or in rehab,” chuckles the transplanted New Yorker.

Amy Poehler On Why Sleeping With Tina Fey Is A Mistake

The toughest part of the move, it seems, was that it put 4500 kilometres between her and best friend Tina Fey, her Sisters co-star.

The women first met when they were paired up for exercises during comedy classes at Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe and they continued working together on the variety show, Saturday Night Live, and hosting the Golden Globe Awards three years in a row to rave reviews.

In Sisters, they play estranged sisters who must return to their childhood home to clean out their old bedroom when their parents sell the house to retire.

Inspired by nostalgia, the siblings spontaneously throw a high school reunion party, which quickly gets out of control.

Amy says there are mostly ‘pros’ when it comes to working with your best friend.

“It’s like getting to start in the middle of the song so you don’t have to spend as much time figuring out how each other works and doing the dance of creating chemistry,” she muses.

And the cons? “The con is when you sleep together early and you still have to see each other every day,” she deadpans cheekily. “That can be awkward and that was definitely a problem!”

Amy Poehler On Why Sleeping With Tina Fey Is A Mistake

She seems lost for words when asked about what type of things she and Tina fight about. Men? Makeup?

“We could give a shit about what lipstick the other one’s wearing and luckily we’ve never really found the same type of guy attractive,” she responds bluntly.

“I think it was usually just about content in terms of what we were working on or writing about and maybe advocating for different things rather than actually arguing. And also who makes the best hamburger in Chicago, that was always contentious!”

If you’re disappointed that Tina and Amy will not be hitting the Golden Globes stage next month as hosts, rest assured you may still spot one or both of the ladies in unexpected places to heckle returning host Ricky Gervais.

“I’m looking forward to being in the audience and getting drunk,” she says.

“I’m excited I won’t be on duty and I know where all the private bathrooms are and the quickest possible ways to and from places, so I have all that knowledge without responsibility and will be using Ricky’s private bathroom while he’s onstage!

Sisters opens in cinemas in Australia on January 7, 2016.

By Jenny Cooney Carrillo

Written by TheCarousel

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