Tips To Make Cleaning Your Home Quick And Easy

Emma Markezic

Contributing Lifestyle Editor


Cleaning may not be how you want to spend your day but it’s just got to be done. So here’s how we can help with Emma Markezic’s simple tips to make your house sparkle.
 Emma’s quick and easy steps will teach us some tricks to keep your house clean, even when you have pets living with you.
Want a sparkling clean home that is protected from pests? Rhetorical question, right?! Well it’s a whole lot easier with a little forward planning.

Here are our top household tips on how to create a safe and stress-free environment for the entire family.

The fridge is the workhorse of the kitchen, and where most of your perishables live. But it’s actually more of a trojan horse when it comes to dirt as its so often overlooked in your everyday cleaning.

So how to get a fridge so clean you can eat out of it? Once it’s switched off, clean all removable parts of your fridge with warm, soapy water – use an old toothbrush for the nooks and crannies – then just rinse and dry everything before replacing shelves, drawers and food. And don’t forget to clean behind and underneath – you would be surprised what gathers there!

Also, keep any over-ripe fruit in the fridge not on a bench-top. Leaving them out in the open is like a flashing neon welcome sign for creepy crawlies!

Also, pet-hair. It gets everywhere!

A swift vacuum will do the trick in most areas. But for a quick mini-clean-up, a squeegee or rubber glove will get the same results.

And finally, bicarb soda and vinegar are your bathroom bffs. From cleaning your sink, toilet and bath, to ridding your shower screen of scum – soap scum, of course – we can’t do much about the riff-raff the kids bring home from football practice.

And an extra tip to clean your kids bedroom: Think of all the toys that get exposed to germs, sticky fingers, and whatever else shares floor space with your offspring. Put everything through a short cycle in the washing machine or dishwasher. And for small items like Lego – pop them in a laundry net. Genius!

And that’s it! Hope these tips have helped.

As an added bonus, you’ll cut down on general day-to-day elbow grease too!