New Flat? Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Home Your Own

New Flat? Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Home Your Own

Bianca Spendlove

Lifestyle Editor


Have you finally flown the nest? Or are you and your partner moving into your own little love-den? Whatever reason it may be, moving into a new home can be very exciting but also stressful at the same time.

There are so many things to pack and a lot of downsizing to do. Not to mention buying the essentials to set up your new home without cramping and cluttering your new special haven.

Sadly, for many of us, there will no longer be the creature comforts we had grown accustom to when living with our parents. So to help you out in your new pebble-sized pad, here are some simple life hacks that will help you create a happy, harmonious home.


Let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a gathering place for family and friends, so concentrate on getting it right first.

Just like any other room in the house, the kitchen should reflect your personal style.  It’s amazing how a few, well-placed accessories and details can give a kitchen a warm and inviting  touch.

Choose accessories and appliances in bright, bold colours to add character to the room. This BRITA fill&enjoy Fun water filter jug is not only bright and lively but it’s a clever space-saver. Much smaller than the original jug, its new compact and colourful style will fit perfectly in a tiny kitchen. It also helps save you money; no need to buy bottled water when you can have fresh filtered water at home. Its eye-catching design will also remind you to drink more water and stay hydrated!

BRITA fill&enjoy

Add a splash of colour to the kitchen with a BRITA fill&enjoy Fun water filter jug which comes in vibrant blue, lime, pink, and purple

Another quick tip is to be practical and mindful of the work flow when placing kitchen accessories or appliances. Consider putting decorative items  in a corner or other out-of-the way spots so that you aren’t interfering with your workable counter space. And don’t be afraid to mix vintage ornaments with new items, just have a play and be creative.


Save your precious space: put a measurement limit on your furniture. Hang things from your walls and ceilings – hooks are the best! You can use them in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Perfect also for providing more storage room in your cupboards. Also try fold-away tables and ottomans with hidden storage (a place to sit and store!) and shelving where ever you can put it.

Using wall space effectively is perfect for small living spaces

Using wall space effectively is perfect for small living spaces


Create a wall feature with lights, pictures and mirrors. Hanging lights and clip-on pictures not only look cool, but they save space. Mirrors on your walls will add an illusion of depth to a room, making it feel bigger. It’s also a fun way to put your personal stamp on your new abode without spending a fortune.

Let your new home shine bright with a dazzling light display

Let your new home shine bright with a dazzling light display

Mirrors and soft colours brighten a home up and make it look more spacious

Mirrors and soft colours brighten a home up and make it look more spacious


Create an ambient atmosphere: colour schemes are very important and will set the mood and tone of your new home. If, like most of us, you live in a small apartment go for light neutral colours to keep your place light and airy. Softer colours will reflect the light and give the impression of more space. Plus if you have a neutral base, not only can it look super chic and stylish on its own, but it can also be your blank canvas. This will allow you to add splashes of colour throughout your home to liven it up. It’s surprising what a lick of paint or a quick spray can do.

Painting your room white will make it look crisp and add the illusion of space

Painting your room white makes it look crisp and more spacious


Add some greenery or colourful flowers into your flat with some hanging baskets. Again, they save space because they are hung from the ceiling but also plants in the house not only lift your spirit, they are ideal for your general wellness too. Why not grow herbs in some pots and hang them in your kitchen?  They will add colour, save space and money!



Inject instant style into your home with bright cushions, throws, pillows and home-ware accessories. By keeping everything else minimal and neutral you can add your own personal taste to a place with your choice of furnishings. Raid op-shops and flea markets to find some characterful furnishings which will help you save money.


Jazz up your coffee table with your books, add some flowers around the place and most importantly candles! Candles can really create an atmosphere and change a room entirely, perfect for when you have guests over for your house warming or just a night in with a glass of wine.  Remember the little touches are what counts.


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