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How To Support Your Pet With Changes At Home?

How To Support Your Pet With Changes At Home?

Big changes in the home always mean an adjustment of some kind. We know how to manage the changes (well we try to) that are about to happen at home, whether it’s a new addition of a baby, a new partner or even a death in the family.

We know how stressful it can be for us to prepare, adapt and be ready for these changes but, how do we handle this for your pets?

Most animals can sense when there’s a change in the family. They feel it instantly as our energy changes, even before we might notice a change. This is where a stressful situation can tip into an anxious experience.

We want to be able to give them the heads up and understand what’s going to happen instead of not knowing and panicking. Letting them know new things are happening and what’s expected from them, can make all the difference in your pet. Just imagine you’re able to tell them you’re both getting a new flatmate and the old one is leaving. Doesn’t mean they won’t miss the person but they understand and can let a new person enter their home more easily.

With a new family addition to the home, I would encourage you to do all the changes in routine and where they’re allowed to play and be, way before the baby arrives (approximately three months before baby enters the world). This way they have time to adjust to the new rules before baby comes home.

What we want to do is be able to give a sense of what’s about to happen on the home front for the animals. Let them know what’s going on before it happens. Most people already talk to their pets (like they’re a human), some pets will understand while others will be confused.

So here is a simple Animal Communication 6 Step Guide for you to follow.

  1. Write out what you want to say on paper
    1. Keep it simple like talking to a five-year-old
  1. Ground yourself
    1. Make sure you’re present and fully in your body
  1. Connect with your pet
    1. Get a photo of your pet and just look at

Feel the love you have for them as you look at the photo

  1. Let them know what you want to say
    1. As you’re connected to your pet, read what you wrote down clearly and slowly
  1. Wait for them to give a response
    1. As this is a new way of communicating with your pet, just be aware of their body language, any thoughts or feelings that get. This is their way of sending a message back
  1. Negotiation Time
    1. When you become more familiar with the above steps then step into the sixth stage and see what you can negotiate with your pet

If you’re wanting to communicate on a deeper with your pet, come and join us in our 1 Day Animal Communication Workshop and chat with your pet from your very first workshop. If you’re too busy to attend, then I’ve created an Animal Communication Online Course for Beginners. Once you step into your pet’s world of communication, everything changes for the better!

The Carousel would like to thank Simonne Lee for this article.

Photo by Avi Richards

Written by TheCarousel

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